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Miss Suggi Baby

& her Big

Green Climbing Tree


Peppy Pets
Jan. 10, 2003

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Miss Suggi Baby Climbs the Big Green Tree

My name is Miss Suggi Babie, and I'm about 7 months
old....I'm a tuxedo kitty, black and white.

My mommy put up this BIG green thing, I found out that I
could climb ALL the way up to the top of the big green thing !!
That was so much fun, and I could watch everything going
on from there.....But I guess mom didn't like it to well.

Then she put these lights on the big green climber. They
were different colors and they were pretty. Then she put
on some different things all over the climber, she says that
they were ornaments.

I wouldn't call them that, I think i would call them MORE
toys for me to play with!!

At last she put on some kind of big string from the top all
the way to the bottom. I still got in trouble climbing the
big red thing, playing with all those new toys, and that
red string was pretty cool to get off my climber.

Every morning after I just had to wake mom, she would
redecorate my big red climber. Sometimes, she got upset
with me!

Then this one night, everyone was off in their own places
in the house with some really cool looking paper, and more
strings was everywhere! It looked totally different from that
string, mom told me it was called ribbon.

They put the paper around all these boxes, and I had
to find out what was inside the boxes, so I was everywhere
in the house, just being nosy with all the boxes. Then when
they were done hiding the boxes with the pretty cool
looking paper, they put them under my big climber.

The next morning, after mom redecorated my big climber,
everybody sat around on the floor and seats, and started
tearing into their pretty paper boxes......Humans, I don't
think that I will fully understand them!!

I mean, they take all their time to put pretty paper onto
all those boxes of things, and then they rip into them to
see what's inside the boxes. LOL.... I just had to get my
claws onto a few of those big boxes!! You see, that's my
job around here-to keep my family happy and laughing
while I play with everything in sight.

As for my pretty paper, well, it wasn't very big, I just had
to bat it around the room to show it that i'm boss here,
and some of the paper came off. I just had to keep pulling
on the paper until this little thing that mom told me was a
little cow to play with popped out of the paper!

Oh WOW!! A new little friend that I'll have to show the
ropes around here!!

All in all, I really like my new little friend that I carry

But that big red climber was the best part of what my mom
told me was Christmas.

I hope that you like my little story, and I'm sticking with it.

Me and my mom just love reading your newsletters.
But I have SOOO much to do around here, that I don't
read them as soon as they come in mom's email, but when
I get tired and climb into either mom's lap or onto the
computer table, she'll read it to me!!

Miss Suggi Babie

Hope you enjoyed today's story sent in by one of our faithful
readers. We had a big laugh when we read it and thought
you would enjoy it also.

Your furry friends,
Tippy & Alfred


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The Resurrection of Tootie

We had Tootie for about 7 years. One day she had been gone
for 2 weeks & we seen there was a cat run over, we just knew
it was Tootie. So my mom & I mourned her loss.

The following day my mom looked out the window & there was a
'Miracle' it was 'Tootie it was just like 'Lazerus like in
the Bible. We were so sure it was Tootie killed. Our hearts
were lifted. Our baby was home.

Chris lowery

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