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Euthanized Pets

are being ground up

for use in Pet Food

Peppy Pets
Jan. 22, 04

Euthanized Pets Are Being Rendered For Use
In Dog and Cat Foods

Here's the sad story of one trucker's wife who hauled
euthanized pets to rendering plants to be made into dog
and cat food.

"That's what made me the sickest... if they were killed on
the roads, they were picked up and brought to these places
for 'rendering and processing.' If they died or were put down
at the vets and not given decent burials by their former owners,
they were brought to these places, sent by the vet's offices ---
in big bags and boxes --- many of them at a time!"

"I saw purebred dogs and cats in numbers that would stagger
the imagination, right along with just as many 'mutts.'"

"It truly broke my heart, knowing that the owners hadn't
known the final fates of their dead pets - or worse yet, not
know just 'what / who' they might be feeding to their 'new
pets.' It is called "by-products!" "

Read the rest of Jinie's story online here:


Lucky: One Very Lucky Lab

I work at a pet hospital. Since I didn't have any pets at
home, working with dogs and cats everyday was like heaven
for me. I never had a pet of my own. My mom says to be
allergic to cats, and my dad says our house is not big
enough for a dog. My chances of having a little pal: zero.
Or so I thought.

One day, one woman showed up at the hospital with a
beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever. As soon as I was
finished with a customer, I walked over to pet the BIG
doggie. While I was petting the doggie, the woman asked me
if I wanted him. I was surprised at the fact that she was
giving him away!. I immediately asked if there was something
wrong with the pet. She mentioned that she had rescued him
from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. Surfing on the web,
she found "his" picture. Lucky is his name (it goes with
him). She said that Lucky's picture had been on the
shelter's web page for several days. Without even thinking
about it, she rushed all the way from Costa Mesa ( O.C) to
San Bernardino. She saved his life. He was going to be put
to sleep if Lucky didn't find a home.

"He's a healthy dog!", the veterinarian said to Lucky's
hero. The vet also said he was probably around 2 years old.
The woman said she could not keep him since she already had
2 Labs at home, and having a 3rd one would be ludicrous. My
co-worker and I wanted to take Lucky home so bad!, but first
I had to get an approval from my parents. So I called my mom
and told her about Lucky's situation. My mom said that she
couldn't give me an answer and that I should ask my dad. So
I called my dad, and he said that it was fine with him as
long as he was well behaved.

I had lied a little to my parents. I told them that it was a
medium size dog. Yeah right, a medium size dog that is about
80 lbs. I was ready to introduce Lucky to my parents, but as
soon as I got off the phone I realized that my co-worker was
taking him to a kennel. Lucky had an owner! I was a bit
disappointed. All that struggle that I went through just to
get my parents approval had been worthless.

When I got home, my mom immediately asked for the dog. I
told her it already had a home. I called my boyfriend and
told him everything, he said, "maybe that dog wasn't meant
to be yours." Maybe, but I really wanted him. I was so sad,
but deep inside my heart I thought he'd have a good home. It
was around 8 pm when my phone rang. I was my co-worker the
same one who took Lucky. She asked me if I still wanted him.
I asked why. She responded that Lucky is too big for her
home, her daughter is too small for Lucky, and her pit bull
is not liking the idea of another dog in the house. I
responded: "but of course!! I still want him!".

When Lucky arrived my mom was in shock. She never thought he
was going to be so BIG!, my family was surprised but they
weren't mad. At first my dad was a little concerned about
the Lucky's size, but now my dad treats Lucky like his son.
Lucky is so spoiled, he gets almost everything. Toys, treats
(the healthy ones), a nice fluffy bed, and the most
important of all a family who loves him to death. Lucky has
earned everyone's heart. He is one of a kind.

I'm so proud of him, he had adapted so well to us. I feel so
happy now that I have him, before I felt empty, but now he
has filled my heart with joy. It's been now 8 months since I
got Lucky. I decided not to change his name because he is
sure one Lucky Dog, and I am so lucky I found such a unique
dog like him.

Lucky, Congratulations on completing your 1st training
class! You did it! - love, Mom

Dulce E. Valle

A True Rebel

The date was Feb 28th 2004. I got a call from my friend who
said they’d found the perfect horse for me. Gosh did they
ever. His name was Rebel. Turns out he was a retired show
horse in his 20’s. Tired and poorly kept. Bugs crawling all
over his seriously underweight body. To look at him you
wanted to cry. How could anyone do this to a horse? I looked
at my friend in disbelief. Then I looked back at him and
started brushing out the knots from his mane & tail and
grooming is shedding hair.

There was something about him though that kept drawing me
back to him. He came home with me and got his first bath in
who knows how long. At first he wouldn’t eat or drink.
Within a few days we needed to call the emergency vet. He
was in distress. After a week of regular calls & visits to
our vet and being told that he probably would not make it I
went in search of another horse and brought it home. That
was the cure! Ole Rebel was lonesome. He perked up his ears
when the new horse came and whinnied with all his heart &
soul. He drank & ate along side his new companion. His
health improved dramatically. His appetite was back and he
put on weight well.

A few months went by and he was strong enough to start
riding. We trail rode the pastures & back roads by our house
and gave the little kids in the neighborhood rides on him.
He was faithful and loyal as any horse could be. We had 2
glorious years together.

Rebel passed away May 6th 2006 at the ripe old age of 27. He
will always be remembered as a true Rebel. He left behind
his pasture companion, a 20 year old lame mare who misses
him just as much as I do.

Chris Deresky


David Arndt

We have three dogs, two Japanese Chins and a Papillon, and
five Manx cats. Anyway the story is about Emma the Chin, I
picked her out of a litter of six dogs. That was two years
before I became a Universal Reiki Master, which is a healer.
So it must have been destiny because I'm always having to
heal Emma for something or another. Anyone else probably
would have put her down. I heal people, pets, and plants but
not always in that order. Thanks for your time.

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