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The 40 a much

improved version

of the out dated M

John Deere 40 & 40 C line of Farm Tractors

Model 40 1953 to 1955
Model 40 C 1953 to 1955

While the John Deere Model M series was enjoying success and popularity
among farmers, the need became apparent at Deere for a newer, improved
version of the numbered series of tractors.

Deere wanted an M tractor that had improved operator comfort and
convenience, a three point hitch that would work, and more horsepower
with good fuel economy.

Introduced in November of 1952 the new John Deere Model 40 tractors
had these improvements plus more.

The styling was changed so the Deere 40 looked similar to the 50 and 60
that were brought out in 1952. The Model 40 had a roomier operator's
platform, deep cushioned seat, a new three point hitch with an exclusive
load and depth control and the Touch O Matic hydraulics, along with
a wide range of new implements to go with the John Deere 40.

The Model MT engine had been retained, but an increase in the bore and
stroke to 4 x 4 inches, an increase in compression to 6.5:1, and an
increase in rpm to 1850 gave the 40 about 15% more power than the MT.

A Nicely Restored John Deere Model 40T

Photo from Retired Tractors

Variations of the John Deere Model 40 Tractors

Model 40 S (standard)
Model 40 C (crawler, 3 versions: 3 roller, 4 roller and 5 roller)
Model 40 V (special)
Model 40 H (hi crop)
Model 40 U (utility)
Model 40 W (wide, two row utility)
Model 40 T (tricycle, single or dual front wheel, or adjustable front axle)

The Model 40 tractor was initially only offered with a gasoline engine.
In April of 1953 Deere offered an all fuel version. A 40 with all fuel
engine was $36 more than one with a gasoline engine.

The Model 40 had the first true three point hitch on a John Deere Tractor.

About 54,000 John Deere Model 40 tractors and variations of it were

Only 329 Model 40 V's were ever sold.
Only 294 Model 40 H's were ever sold.
Only 1758 Model 40 W's were ever sold.

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