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Peppy Pets
July 02, 03

Heat Warning For Pets

With the hot days of summer here, Tippy & Alfred
wanted to remind you:


On hot or even warm sunny days the temperature inside
a vehicle rises very quickly. For example, if the day
temperature is 85F, the inside of the vehicle can reach
102F in 10 minutes! to 120F in 30 minutes! even with the
windows open a crack!

On warmer days the temperature inside a vehicle will
go even higher.

Pets can withstand a body temperature of
107F for only a very short time, before suffering
irreparable brain damage or death. For heat
exhaustion, wet your pet down slowly - do not dunk
him, this causes too much of a shock - & take him
to the Vet. immediately.


Thank you!! It was so nice of you to receive a reply!! I
have three Dogs.....Champie, who was a stray. She is a mix
breed. Sort of looks like a White Benj. She is 17 years of

Chanel (Like the perfume) is a Mini (Red) Dachshund. She is
8 years of age and has the most innocent angel face on
earth. She would truly give her life for me.

Last but not least. Hannibal, he is part Great Pyrenees -
part German Shepherd. HE adopted me at the Humane Society
on Good Friday 1 year and 3 months ago. He is my BIG Baby!
105 pounds of Golden Love! However, I am an equal
opportunity loving animal home. I also have 5 cats and a

Again, thank you for your Newsletter and great information
you pass along to us!!



What do all horse's absolutely Love?

Click here to find out:


Shelly: From that Moment on, She was Mine
Kathleen Stevens

While listening to the radio, hearing them say to go to the
web.  and click on Pet Page.. I did, and what
did I find but a tel. # to check on small dogs for
adoption. (there were several). After doing that we, my
husband and I, went over to the Humane Society in San
Mateo, Ca.

We first looked at some small dogs, that were in one side of
the building, and thought they were all cute...but for one
reason or the other.. they were unavailable at that
time.... So the worker at the Society suggested we come
across the room with her and look at some others that just
came in.

There "Shelly " was in a cage with several other small dogs,
and do not know what attracted me to her, other than she was
sitting so still and just looking at me. "Ok.. will try this
one"... We went to the "patio area" where you are interviewed
and to see if they think that the dog you have chosen and
you will get along...(being elderly and just us) we sort of
needed a dog that was not to active.

"Shelly" seemed to fit the bill.. so when we sat down they
brought "her" in and put her down. She came over and just
sat down at my feet.. and looked up at me. I was stunned
!! and not having had a dog for a while, and having one that
was as well behaved as this dog was, I did not know what to while I was thinking about it, she upped and went
over to sit by my husband and I remarked "she probably likes
men better than women"

The worker grabbed her up and hugged her, and gave her to
me. I did the same and added a couple of kisses, to that
"sweet little loveable face (dirty as it was)" and from that
moment on she was "mine" There was no way they would ever
take her away from me, so I said "I hope she likes
me..."because it was I that was on "trial" now and I needed
this little puppy like roses needs the rain....

WE passed inspection, because the little 5 year old puppy
that was used as a "breeding " dog for 5 years, was
officially mine...!!

There never was or ever will be another dog that is so
"perfect" for anyone as "Shelly is for me." she is so sweet
and loving, that no one could possibly know what it is like
to get love and perfection and bring so much, joy into a
household.. like "Shelly has to us" There is so much more
that I could tell you about her, but you want a picture of
her and I would suggest that since I entered her in the
"listener" pet page of "Kabl radio.". after a year of
having and loving this little gal. (and that meant getting
her coat in ship shape order, because she was such a mess of
matts, and snarls).. that it is finally grown back and she is
looking "Beautiful" so please, go click on
and to the left.. you will find Pet Page.. click on and scroll
down until you see my little "Shelly" looking "beautiful
white and gorgeous...and she is "Not up for adoption this
time." She is just being Shown off!! for being such a
beautiful little loving doll.

Thank you very much...we
were so "lucky that June" day" for she will with us until
forever...(if we live that long) and then my daughter.. will
take her for us....Again Thank you. I wish everyone could
have her for just a day. They would fall in love with her
as we have. Kathleen and Bill Stevens...

(please let me know what you think of my letter) I enjoy
your pet page..!!

Charise Hall

I was sickened by the story from Kay in Washington state
who's husband took their dog Missy to the vet after being
attacked by a vicious dog. The Lake Tapps Veterinary
Hospital that would not help him should be picketed,
boycotted and/or whatever it takes to get this horrible
story out to the local community. Who are they to judge who
gets treatment and who doesn't?

At first I thought it was just a local veterinarian's office
(still inexcusable) but this was an animal HOSPITAL! Thank
goodness our own emergency rooms don't work that way. This
vet hospital does not deserve to treat the animals in their
town and the business of their owners. They are disgusting.
To Kay & her husband, nothing can replace your Missy but
please know that many hearts are with in your loss and
horrible travesty.

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