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Peppy Pets
July 15, 2004

Oink!  Oink!

All the pig news that's fit to print. Read about a pig that
saves a family from their burning house, or the piglet that
nurses from a dog....or about pot bellied pigs that are
helping fight the war on drugs, and much more.

And since we're talking pigs, how bout these really cute
and adorable Pig Posters!

Pig Posters

Or....some absolutely huggable Stuffed Plush Pigs

Stuffed Plush Pigs

Pigs as Pets

Tobey: My Little Treasure
Beverlie Fortner

Just a note about the power of love for a pet. We had a
spaniel about 8 years ago. That we lost to cancer. I swore I
would never get involved with a dog again, because the hurt
upon their loss was so intense. Well, lo and behold, my
daughter found this picture of a black spaniel at a nearby
shelter, one look into his brown eyes and I was hooked.

I am home unable to work with fibromyalgia and he is such a
joy to me. Only one accident with housebreaking and he is
almost a year old. We just recently had him neutered and he
still has to wear this plastic cone to prevent him from
licking incision area. He looks like Astro of the Jetson's.

Just wanted to tell anyone who needs a little love in their
life to check your local shelter. I understand they will
even take your name and the kind of pet you are looking for,
and notify you in the event something comes in. I will never
"buy" a dog again. There are some wonderful treasures in
your local pound. Sincerely, a very satisfied pet owner.

Beverlie & Tobey


I tell my little girl (baby) Shaolin I love her off
and on through the day. But mostly when we are laying
down in the bed. She is a Chinese Pug.

Vicky Allen


My sweet Labs(3 of them) would request that they
could sleep with us (hubby & I ) every night,
instead of on their dog beds!



Cats, Cats, Cats

We've added a lot of new resources to our cat care site,
you might want to check out all the new stuff we have for
cats....including some exquisite pieces of beautiful cat
silver and 14k gold jewelry, cat and kitten posters,
cat and cat humor T Shirts, and a quality line of stuffed plush
cats, along with several other informational articles on cat
care and cat health.

Visit our Cat Care Site


This is when your cat knows they're doing something they
shouldn't do, like use the side of the stereo speaker for a
scratching post. Scooter (my little six toed angel with
horns) will look right at me when I am sitting on the couch
and slowly stretch his arms up until his claws hook in,
continue to look at me, and continue to dig. Only until I
have to get up.

The whole time you know he's saying "you know you're going
to have to get up for this one, come on, I'm not going to do
it, or am I?

This is a several times a week little game he likes to play.
Of course, as soon as you get up, he bolts and disappears
until he thinks you've forgotten what he did. He comes back
the sweetest cat you can imagine.

Thanks for the great info,

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