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Twinkle Toes

the Polydactyl

Kitty Cat

Peppy Pets
July 18 03

Twinkle Toes Makes History

Ever run into a cat that has 25, yes, count em, 25 toes?
Well, Twinkle Toes, a polydactyl cat now earns the
World's record for the cat with the most toes.

The number of toes on Twinkle Toes was verified by
the Guinness Book of World Records.

25 is 7 more toes than most cats have. One of her
baby kittens had 23 toes, and it was reported that
her polydactyl cat momma had 21.

Gloria Boensch from Michigan is the pet parent
for Twinkle Toes who is a short haired domestic
tiger cat. Twinkle Toes isn't happy inside, she
was born in a neighboring barn and loves to be
outside, where the action is.

Polydactyl means "multi-toed". People can be polydactyl,
dogs can be polydactyl, rodents can be polydactyl, and, yes,
cats can be polydactyl.

In fact, it is a common superstition in many cultures that
if you are the caretaker of a polydactyl kitty, you are
automatically blessed with good luck.


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Nemesis and the Dreaded Vacuum Cleaner Monster:
Jo O'Brien

Each time I would get ready to vacuum my carpets, my half-
Siamese neuter, Nemesis, would cringe into a corner. He was
absolutely terrified of this canister-shaped alien creature
that made the most horrible noises and vibrations.

A rather large and hefty cat, Nemesis weighed in at 17
pounds and stood about 20 inches high. You might speculate
that his "enemy" of silver and grey would be no challenge to
him at all. However, Nemesis must have been in touch with
demons and monsters that human beings could not even
speculate upon. Nemesis would fly from this "critter" and
often several hours would elapse before he made an
appearance in the room again. He would glower at me too for
employing such a wicked machine in my home.

However, one day, quite unexpectedly, while the "creature"
was laying idle on the floor, not even breathing,
apparently, Nemesis began to develop "courage" and bravado.
I watched with delight as he crouched, belly on the floor,
tail held low, ears laid flat back against his skull. With
great stealth he crept up slowly, step by step, often
pausing to get a lay of the land, so to speak to carefully
observe this monster. Eyes gleaming and with an obvious
smirk on his face, Nemesis crept up closer and closer till
he was on top of this silver "predator" that was invading
his domain.

And with a swift and strong swing of his paw, nails
unsheathed, back up and bushy, with a wail of warfare, he
struck. Not once, not twice, but three times he "attacked".
However, immediately after the dragon was slain, he turned
his back and ran under the bed again, tail between his legs.

Anyone want a dead vacuum cleaner?

Mary Swartz

Patches is a very Loveable cat. She is 5 years old. I got her
when she was 8 weeks old. Patches sleeps with me every night
on my feet. She is a very god companion. Patches has a pet
bed she sleeps on during the day. She also has a toy dog
which she uses as her pillow. She is shy around strange
people or people she don't like. Patches is my baby. If,
anything would ever happen to her. I would be lost.
Patches Mommie (Mary)

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