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Uncovering the nutritional

causes of Arthritis

in Dogs & Cats

Peppy Pets
June 11 03

Getting the answers to why dogs and cats get arthritic
type problems and then what to do about it.

There's really no need for your wonderful life's companion
to have to go on suffering from the pain and embarrassment
of arthritic type problems that commonly occur in dogs.

The best preventive you can provide for your dog is to
give them the highest quality nutrition you can find, along
with plenty of exercise that is not stressful to the joints
and have them drink distilled or purified water.

Just as in humans, arthritis is a disease than can be
prevented. It is a lifestyle disease that is brought on
by a diet in dogs low in usable protein and lacking in
certain amino acids, along with drinking fluoridated
and chlorinated water and being given snacks like potato
chips and sugary type foods that just aren't meant for
consumption by a dog.

1. Feed your dog the Highest Quality Protein you can
2. Have them Drink only Pure Water
3. No Sugar or white flour products!
4. Give them our patented formula proven to work called Agility.

You can Find Agility Here

(June 10)

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Dave, I just want to say thanks for insisting on me getting
my 14 year old schnauzer on Agility. She has become a
different dog. I'm not saying she still doesn't have a bad
day, but on the most part she has become feistier and
wanting to go along with us where ever we go. It has made
big improvement in her. Also i was happy to read that its
ok if the dogs don't eat very much of the food. Ours are
slowly getting to where they eat a little every night.
Since we were feeding them store bought food before this new
food, it seemed like we had to feed them a lot or they acted
like they were starving. Now, the food is down all the
time, when they get hungry they eat. I know they are getting
healthier food and don't have to eat all day long.

Here's a great BIG THANK YOU!!!

Mary Bishop & Piper
Linda Carnes & Kylie

Marybeth Jones

I am almost eight years old. My job is to keep people away
from the house. I am a full-blooded English Rottweiler,
mostly black with a little bit of brown. I weigh 130 Lbs.
and I am to big for my Mom to take me to the vet. But, I
love Mom a lot. She gives me a lot of toys to play with so I
won't try to get out of the yard and steal the balls of the
kids next door. Dad, of course, spoils me rotten. He brings
me home bones and feeds me well so I can do my job. The
biggest thing I have learned lately is to open the patio
door if it's not locked to get in and suck up to dad to be
able to stay in the house. It worked once, so I might try it
again. Uh oh, Mom caught me at the computer; I'm out of
here! Byeeeeeeeeeee.


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