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Augies Doggies Rescue

Saving Dogs

Peppy Pets
June 25, 2003

If you were a 13 year old girl.......
what would you want most for your birthday?

Well, for one Pittsburgh area teenager, what Augusta Delisi
wanted the most was.......

Parvo Disinfectant!

Tippy & Alfred are exceptionally pleased and thrilled
to be able to bring to you the story of Augusta and the
absolutely wonderful work she is doing, rescuing dogs.

So far, in little over a years time she has almost single
handedly rescued over 25 puppies and dogs from being
euthanized and found homes for them.

Please take a few minutes and read this amazing story
by clicking here:

UPDATE: As of January 01, 2007, Augies Doggies Rescue
has saved over 100 dogs and puppies!

Augusta Delisi

Kristen Schmeltz

Well...when I was about 13 my brother and I got our first
dog. He was great but we only had him for a very short time
due to cancer that spread to his brain. My brother and I
were heart broken when we had to put him to sleep since our
parents got him for us as a Christmas present as a puppy.

The day after we put him down to keep him from suffering, my
parents went out and got another pooch for us to enjoy only
she was much older but beautiful all the same. She was a
big dog. She was a mix between husky, shepherd and wolf.
Gorgeous. Well, I had then made up my mind that when I
moved out on my own that I wanted a big dog.. either a
German Shepherd or a Rottweiler. I know your thinking a
Rottweiler??? but he isn't your typical rottie though. You
see, my fiancée bought him for me as a gift when he was
still 8 weeks old. His parents were beautiful dogs so I
knew that mine would be beautiful too.

Tiny is a gentle purebred American big head rottie. He is
about 130 to 140 lbs right now and he is only still a baby
(1yr old). I am home with him at night all alone all the
time because my fiancé works nights... and that was one of
the reasons why Shoua had gotten him for me. Well I have
gotten so attached to this dog it is like we are inseparable.
When I got pregnant I thought that I would have a problem
with my puppy and a new baby but just recently I had my baby
(1 week ago). Tiny was confused as to why "mommy" wasn't
home for a week. So he wouldn't eat or anything he was very
jumpy because daddy was home but mommy wasn't. So when I
came home with my new daughter he was shy at first but then
he got used to her.

Shoua was at work one night and me, my baby and Tiny were in
my room. I was playing with my baby on my bed and Tiny came
up, sniffed her foot, licked it and then laid down next to
her and looked at me. She laughed about it. It made me
smile. That's when I knew that my dog was never gonna hurt
my baby only protect her from harm. She cries and he goes
to her crib looks at her and then if I am not in the room he
comes and gets me and cries to me to let me know that
Amythest is crying. Who needs the electronic baby
monitors....when you have a dog right? He has come very
attached to her in the past week... so now he has to always
be near me and my daughter especially when Shoua isn't home
because he feels like he is doing his job in protecting us
from harm.

HE is a great dog and I love him to pieces. I can never see
life without this big overgrown baby. He makes me and my
fiancé smile everyday because he has brought such joy in our
lives. I know that there are a lot of stereotypes out there
about rotties and pit bulls, but you know it isn't true that
these dogs are aggressive. They actually aren't. They are
sweet and kind and they are only as loyal and gentle to
their owners, to other people, to kids and to other animals
if they are taught that way and brought up in a loving
environment. Dogs only look to be violent if they are
taught and brought up to be that way.

So please I believe in getting a new puppy if your up for
the challenge of house breaking....second chance puppies if
you want an older dog that is more mellow and already
trained. Please don't turn any dog out because they look
mean....its only the outside of the package...look deep in
their eyes and you will find the true dog inside their

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