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Kashmir Cats look

like Persians but have

chocolate or lilac coats.

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The Plushy Kashmir
Brought to you by: Alfred & Baby Kitty

The Kashmir cat is a variety of Persian that is fairly new.
The coloring of the Kashmir is unusual, being either
chocolate or lilac. These cats weigh between nine and twelve
pounds and are fairly large. They look like they weigh even
more because of their thick, long, lustrous fur.

The body of the Kashmir is short and stocky with short legs.
They have a medium length tail. The face has the Persian
squashed appearance with a very short muzzle. The eyes are
large and round and often will match the coat in color. The
ears are small and the head is gently rounded.

The coat of this cat can be described as "plush". The coat
has a thick outer coat and a very dense undercoat. It is
this combination that makes the coat feel like you're
sinking your fingers into a deep pillow. The fur is long and
thick and will require a lot of grooming. You will need a
good metal comb in order to prevent the fur from matting or
from feeling cottony. In order for the coat to look its best
daily grooming will be necessary. Also this will help to
prevent your Kashmir from having trouble with hairballs. It
is also recommended that these cats be given a hair ball
preventative treatment three or four times a week.

The Kashmir cat should always be an indoor cat as when
allowed outside the fur of this cat easily picks up all
kinds of debris and becomes matted. A bath may be required
every now and again so it's better to start bathing your
Kashmir when it is a kitten so it will be used to baths as
an adult.

The Kashmir may also need to have its eyes wiped daily with
a damp cloth. This is because, like most Persians, the
Kashmir may have improperly formed tear ducts because of its
pushed-in face. They may also be susceptible to respiratory
disorders because of their very short nasal passages.

The Kashmir is a fairly quiet and sweet tempered cat. It
doesn't do a lot of leaping or jumping about and will does
just fine in apartment living. It loves attention and is
very affectionate with its owner and adapts well to most
situations. This cat doesn't do too well around hyper
active, loud children, however, as they have the Persian's
typical dignity. However, given space and time they can
learn to cohabitate with such a child.

This cat can become demanding of your attention and will
sing out for you or let you know when you are late getting
its meal. Their voices are pleasant to listen to,
thankfully, and don't have that grating, sharp, irritating
quality that some cats have.

If you are looking for a fairly placid, intelligent, sweet
tempered cat that you don't mind grooming every day then the
Kashmir is a cat that may be just right for you.

The Nutrition a Kashmir Requires
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Himalayans and Kashmir cats tend to have improperly
developed tear ducts, causing discharge from the eyes.

Because of their short noses, they're also
more susceptible to feline respiratory problems.

Vitamin C or an antioxidant formula should be given
on a daily basis.

Conscientious daily coat combing is necessary to
prevent tangled, cottony looking fur.

Vegetable enzymes are essential.

If your cat's coat is in poor condition, add torula
yeast with the vegetable enzymes. Torula yeast will keep
the coat healthy.

Hair ball treatment for your Kashmir, should be given two or
three times weekly between meals.

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