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Keeping Saltwater fish in the Aquarium
Angel Estrella

Quite simply, a saltwater aquarium is designed to offer
saltwater marine life with a familiar and contained
environment. As a hobby, saltwater aquariums allow individuals
to purchase fish as pets and keep them inside their home. The
first saltwater fish keeping, for personal use, became
increasingly popular in the 1950's and was widely enjoyed
through the use of glass aquariums that are still famous today.

A saltwater aquarium typically features the tank itself, along
with a filter, lighting and an aquarium heater. A saltwater
aquarium can be purchased in a variety of different sizes,
including small to the very large models. For this reason,
prices vary greatly depending on the size and features of the
saltwater aquarium.

The features of a saltwater aquarium are very important to the
survival of the marine life. As they are used to moving water,
filtration is a must. Otherwise, the water would become cloudy
and the fish would deteriorate quickly. While lighting is
perhaps not as important as a quality filtration unit, it does
provide a sense of a routine in a distinction between light and
dark. While in the wild, marine life experiences the difference
between day and night and will find a similar lighting routine
to be similar to their natural habitat.

It is very important that the water in a saltwater aquarium be
tested regularly with the use of a test kit. In addition,
regular water changes are required of every saltwater aquarium
in order to keep the fish’s life clean and safe. Regular tap
water, however, will likely feature contamination that may
prove harmful to the fish. Chemicals and purifiers used to
treat the water is found in most tap waters so, instead, a
saltwater aquarium should be filled with distilled water. When
changing the water in a saltwater aquarium, the owner must
remove up to 20% of the current water and replace it with new
saltwater, which is achieved through the use of a saltwater

There are a number of ways to find the perfect fish and a
saltwater aquarium to keep it safe. A pet shop is the most
likely place to find rare saltwater marine life and provides
the biggest selection, while many retail stores offer a
freshwater fish selection. When purchasing, it is a good idea
to ask if the fish comes with any type of guarantee and/or
special car instructions. Saltwater fish are fragile and must
be treated according to specific guidelines, which any pet shop
owner will detail depending on the fish that you select.

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