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What are the Marine

and Saltwater Fish

for Aquariums?

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List of marine aquarium fish species

Keeping saltwater tropical fish is an exciting and colorful
hobby that is not only enjoyable, but also educational.
This list contains some common saltwater tropical fish.

Saltwater Aquarium Fish Includes:

Aeneus Grouper
Alexandria Grouper
Axillary Wrasse

Beaked Leatherjacket
Bennet's Butterfly Fish
Bicolor Parrot Fish
Bigeye Squirrelfish
Black Backed Anemone Fish
Black Botched Turret Fish
Blue Damselfish
Blue Girdled Angelfish
Blue Spotted Longfin
Blue Striped Snapper
Blue Surgeonfish
Boxfishes (Trunkfishes)
Brown Triggerfish
Butterfly Blenny

Centropyge Angelfishes
Clouded Moray
Clown Anemone Fish
Clown Surgeonfish
Comb Grouper
Common Moray
Common Seahorse
Coral Butterfly Fish
Coral Trout

Dusky Perch (Merou)
Eight Banded Butterfly Fish
Emperer Angelfish
Emperer Snapper
Fairy Basslet
Flag Tailed Surgeonfish
Fox Face
Freckled Boxfish (Blue Spotted)

Gaimard's Wrasse
Gray Triggerfish
Green Wrasse
Gold Rimmed Surgeonfish
Golden Butterfly Fish
Golden Jack (Barred Jack)
Golden Sea Horse
Guinea Hean Wrasse

Harlequin Sweetlips
Hooded Butterfly Fish
Large Scaled Scorpion Fish
Leopard Surgeonfish
Long Horned Cowfish
Long Horned Lion Fish
Long Nosed Butterfly Fish

Madeira Rockfish
Moon Wrasse
Moorish Idol
Orange Finned Anemone Fish
Orange Top Pseudochromis

Painted Comber
Pajama Cardinal Fish
Pakistani Butterfly Fish
Pearl Scale Butterfly Fish
Pennant Butterfly Fish
Picasso Fish
Polka Dot Grouper
Porcupine Fish
Powder Blue Surgeonfish
Prickly Leatherjacket

Rainbow Wrasse
Red Fire Fish (Turkey Fish, Lion Fish)
Red Firdled Anemone Fish
Red Squirrelfish
Regal Angelfish
Ringed Emperor Angelfish
Round Batfish

Saddle Butterfly Fish
Sail Finned Surgeonfish
Sea Horse
Six Line Grouper
Six Spined Butterfly Fish
Small Scaled Scorpion Fish
Spanish Hogfish
Spiny Puffer
Spiny Squirrelfish
Spotted Angelfish

Three Spot Angelfish
Three Spot Damselfish
Triangle Butterly Fish
Tompot Blenny
Undulate Triggerfish

Vermicualted Angelfish
White Lined Triggerfish
Yellow Blotched (Clown Triggerfish)
Yellow Faced Angelfish
Yellow Tailed Anemone Fish
Zebra Turkey Fish
Zebra Angelfish

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