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General Stonewall

Jackson's Horse

named Little Sorrel

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Little Sorrel

Little Sorrel, or "Fancy" as he was known, became famous as the
mount of General Stonewall Jackson.

Captured at Harpers Ferry by the Confederates, he was chosen
initially for Mrs. Jackson but eventually commandeered by
the General when his own horse, Big Sorrel, proved
unreliable in battle.

In 1863, at Chancellorsville, Jackson, while riding the horse,
was wounded by his own men and died a few days later. At first
Little Sorrel was pastured at Mrs. Jackson's home in North
Carolina, later sent as a mascot to the Virginia Military
Institute where the General had taught cadets he led to battle,
and then in response to requests from many Southern States, was
shown at fairs and exhibitions.

In 1885, ancient and infirm at the age of 35, he was retired to
the Confederate Soldier's Home. The following year he died when
the hoist used to lift him to his feet slipped; he fell breaking
his back. Little Sorrel was stuffed and housed in a museum at the
Veterans Home until 1949 when he was finally returned to V.M.I.
Refurbished twice since 1886, Little Sorrel is presently on
display at the Virginia Military Institute's Museum in Lexington,

Little Sorrel was thought to be a Morgan Horse.

General Stonewall Jackson & Little Sorrel

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