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Famous Race Horses, famous Military Horses &
other famous Horses in history we've come to know and love.

Famous Race Horses

Adios Butler, famous harness-racer
Affirmed, last horse to win the U.S. Triple Crown (1978).
All Along
Alydar, finished second to Affirmed in all three Triple Crown
races, and one of the great sires in North American history.
Arkle, reckoned the greatest steeplechaser of all time.
Assault, United States 1946 Triple Crown winner.
Cigar, a great champion in the 1990s.
Citation, Triple Crown winner in 1948.
Dance Smartly, Breeders' Cup champion
Eclipse, celebrated 18th century racehorse that won 18 races in
18 starts.
Funny Cide
Goldsmith Maid, famous harness racing mare of the 19th Century.
John Henry
Kingston Town
Phar Lap, New Zealand racehorse.
Lottery, UK
Man O' War, who re-wrote the record books.
Might and Power
Nijinsky II, last horse to win the English Triple Crown (1970).
Northern Dancer
Precious Bunny
Red Rum, only horse in the history of the Aintree Grand National
to win the race three times (he also came second on two other
Ruffian, a filly who won every race she started, except the one
that killed her.
Seattle Slew, Triple Crown winner in 1977.
Secretariat, Triple Crown winner of 1973.
Shergar, the kidnapped winner of the 1981 Epsom Derby.
Smarty Jones
Steel Dust, 19th Century quarter-mile racing horse.
Stewball, immortalized in 18th century Irish poetry as a sku-ball
winning against a thoroughbred
War Admiral, famous Thoroughbred Race Horse
CHETAK , The famous war horse of KATHIAWARI breed owned by
Maharana Pratap of Udaipur & Chitod, in INDIA

Famous Military Horses

Babieca, horse of El Cid
Black Jack, the last Quartermaster-issued U.S. Army horse, died
February 6, 1976.
Blueskin, one of General Washington's horses.
Bucephalus, Alexander the Great's horse.
Cincinnati, one of Ulysses S. Grant's horses.
Comanche, only survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn.
Copenhagen, the Duke of Wellington's favorite horse, which he
rode at the Battle of Waterloo.
Ellen Edenberg, one of General Washington's horses at Valley
Little Sorrel, Stonewall Jackson's horse.
Magnolia, one of General Washington's horses.
Marengo, Napoleon's horse which was captured by the British.
(Old) Nelson, one of General Washington's horses.
Red Hare, Lu Bu's and eventually Guan Yu's horse from the Three
Kingdoms. Inspired the phrase "Lu Bu among men, Red Hare among
Rienzi, Philip H. Sheridan's horse.
Roger Leo, one of General Washington's horses at Valley Forge.
Streiff, the horse of Gustavus Adolphus at the battle of Lützen.
Traveller, Robert E. Lee's Morgan horse.

Horses of various other fames

Barnum and Skip, the Wilders' driving team of Laura Ingalls
Wilder's Little House books and The First Four Years
Buttermilk, Dale Evans' horse
Clever Hans
Cloud, wild mustang stallion documented from birth for a PBS
Nature series.
the Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, and Byerly Turk, the
stallions from whom all thoroughbreds are descended.
Hollywood Dun It, all-time leading reining sire and Quarter
Incitatus, Emperor Caligula's favorite horse.
Jim Key, "Smartest Horse in the World" a star attraction at 1904
World's Fair in St. Louis
Justin Morgan, sire of the Morgan horse breed
Kate and Bill, the Wilders' work horses of Laura Ingalls Wilder's
The First Four Years
King, foundation sire of the quarter horse.
Prince and Lady, Almanzo Wilder's Morgan horse driving team of
Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books
Prometea, clone
Red Buck, the horse of Emmett Dalton
Red Fox, a horse of Jesse James
Sam and David, the Ingalls family work horses of Laura Ingalls
Wilder's Little House books
Trixie and Fly, and colts Kelpie and Susan, the Wilders' riding
ponies of Laura Ingalls Wilder's The First Four Years
Silver - "Hi Yo Silver, Away!" : The Lone Ranger
Sportsman, John Mytton's horse, died when forced to drink a
bottle of port wine.
Tarzan, white stallion of actor Ken Maynard
Tomboy, Stuart Hamblein's horse
Tony, horse of actor Tom Mix
Trigger, Roy Rogers' "Golden Palomino"

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