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Pet Law and

Animal Welfare Laws

Peppy Pets
March 31, 04

Pet Law and Animal Welfare 

A study by the Delta Society showed. About 87 percent
of pet owners surveyed said they view their animals as
family members.

Not surprisingly, a USA Today article reported that
between 12 percent and 27 percent of American pet
owners have included their pets in their wills.

There's are tons of laws on the books about pets
and animals. Most folks aren't aware that many of
them even exist.

So we've put up a lot of the most relevant laws and
information about pets and animal welfare for you to
have a handy reference any time you like.

Let us know if you think these are helpful for you


People Spend Money on Their Pets

The Wall Street Journal reports that the average family
spends roughly $1,000 on pet care supplies and vet fees
during the first year of a dog or cat's life.

That estimate also includes the cost to purchase a particular
pet breed. Owning a pet can be expensive. Typical
medical costs paid for pets ranged from $600 for an MRI
to $2,000 for major medical needs.

One of the best things you can do to help cut down or
eliminate the high costs of health related veterinary bills
is to feed your dog or cat the best possible nutrition
so that they are able to have strong immune systems
which help ward off diseases.

Do your precious furry friend a big favor today and get
them started on what is the finest Nutritional System
you can find today

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Health and Well Being:

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Cats do not like or handle stress very well. It is during
times of high stress that cats are more susceptible to
illness and can suddenly and unpredictably start
exhibiting the following behaviors:

Improper elimination
Litter box problems
Aggressive behavior
Depression or becoming reclusive
Poor personal hygiene habits

More info about cat behavior at:


My cat Pumpkin is different. He is too attached to me. He
talks and chatters constantly. If I go near my computer he
shows up from whatever he is doing and lies down on my desk
and hits my fingers when I type. Right now he is pushing on
my hand so hard I can hardly type.

He drools. He wants me to hold him on his back and rub his
tummy. He sleeps in the sink or on top of the china cabinet.
He loves the Spaniels, but the feeling isn't mutual.

He takes up more time than a baby. He is an orange tabby
with no white. I can't type anymore 'cause he won't turn
loose of my fingers.

Florence Forrester-Stockton

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