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How Jake our

Belgian Shepherd

saved my Baby's Life

Peppy Pets
May 16, 03

Jake....A Real Hero

About 22 years ago, we had a beautiful Belgian Shepherd,
we called Jake. Jake was large with giant paws.
unfortunately jumped on us and others, when they entered
our home. Little, by little, we broke him of this habit.

Anyway, I imagine many people thought we were crazy,
keeping Jake around, when we were about to have a
newborn baby.

But we had Jake for several years, and we couldn't part
with him. Although he was large and fierce-looking to
strangers, Jake had never bitten anyone or hurt anyone.

He was a big "mush". But we definitely planned to keep
our eyes on him around the baby, to be safe.

Well, Jake slept by  my side, nearly all of my pregnancy.
He seemed very protective. We let him smell the baby things,
to ready him for the new  arrival. On the second day,
when we brought our son, James, home and put him in
his cradle, I lay down to take a nap. I shut the door to the
baby's room. Jake was right there next to his door.

Suddenly, I awoke to Jake's barking. I shushed him, so
as not to wake James. But he persisted. So I got up, went
in the baby's room, and found James, gagging and laying in
his spit-up milk, in the cradle.

I shudder to think of what may have happened to James,
if Jake had not awakened me that day!

From that day forward, Jake was beside James's shut door
and they eventually became fast friends. Jake passed away
about ten years ago, but we still remember him and how
he saved our new baby! Submitted by Linda Szklarski

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Peaches the Energizer Beagle
Corky Ferrell

I miss my Peaches very much. She has been gone a little
over 4 years. She was very smart and very sneaky. She
learned at an early age that if she barked (as if someone
were coming in the yard), when we would open the door to
look she would get a treat.

She would also come in the front door, sniff around, go out
the back door and show up at the front door again. She
loved to chase bumble bees. She would snatch them mid air.
So, when she developed a mass under her tongue, I thought
she had been stung.

After a visit to the vet to remove the mass, we were told
that it was cancer and the very fast moving kind. We would
only have her for a couple of months longer. Well, the vet
and staff started calling her the energizer Beagle. She
lived over 5 years more. She died of kidney failure
associated with old age, she was 18. I was with her when
the vet put her down.

She is buried in our yard, all in attendance at her funeral
had to throw in a chocolate chip cookie (her favorite).
I will love her always.

Veronica Apsey

This is in response to the story "Doggie's Heaven".

I once had a beautiful pure white cat that I got attach to
many years ago and understand what you are going through. I
told my husband, Wayne, that I will never have a white cat
again and I didn't. That was more then 30 years ago.

Since then we've had a lot of different kinds of cats but
really enjoyed them all. I never got attached to any of
them. Fluffy lived just 2 weeks past his third birthday when
someone shot him. We buried him in our back yard. It was
weeks before I got another cat and it does ease our pains
some but he is not forgotten. I still carry his picture in
my purse. We now have a gold tomcat for 5 years. Please get
another cat for it will help you.

Toni Wells

The other day I let my dog dumbo outside to go potty. He
then got into a trash bag and tore it apart. Then he grabbed
an empty butter bowl and took it over to the dirt that had
no grass growing there. Then he dug a hole with his feed and
gently placed the bowl inside the hole, then instead of
burying the bowl back up with his feet he took his nose and
pushed the dirt back over the bowl. Then about 5 minutes
later the bowl was completely covered with dirt.

I was watching him do this thru my back door window then
when he saw me watching him he dug the bowl back up and went
and buried it again. When he came back inside the house his
face and feed were completely black because of the mud.

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