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Peppy Pets
May 21, 03

Pet Information Extravaganza Keep Your Pet Happy,
Healthy, Wise and Wealthy

We've finally got our pet care tips web site fully
functional. We've put up over 2000 pages of pet care tips,
containing informational articles on pet health, training,
breeding, nutrition, and a whole lot more.

If you have any pet related topic you want to research
or find out about, go to our site and see what we have for you.

We also have a search engine that will do a search for
any topic on our site if you don't find what you're looking for.

Here's the link:

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We hope you will bookmark that page and use it as
often as you like. It is a service we have provided our
readers as a way of saying Thank You for being some
of the best pet owners there are.


Princess is my cat's name. She is not a shy cat she is beige
and grey. She prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to have affections, follows
me around, sits with me and gives kisses. What a cat, she's
soft like silk she smiles at me all time. Wearing her
bandana makes her the queen of the house. I'm a female cat
my name is Princess cause I prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like a
princess meow meow

Suzanne Woodrow


6 months ago my gorgeous pet dog, Benny, who was around 14
years old, was killed in a hit and run accident. My little
sister, who is 5, let him out without supervision, and he
ran away.

We put up "lost dog" posters and everything like that. We
all loved him dearly. well, one day we went out looking for
him, and he was in a gutter dead. We all couldn't believe
how cruel some people were!!!

Well, we went out looking for another dog, and had a little
talk to my sister, but no dog seemed right for us. We went
to all the dog pounds we could find for five weeks, but we
didn't find any dog anywhere near to him.

One day we went for a ride around the neighborhood and heard
yelping and crying from a big dump bin. My father opened the
lid and looked around in it. A few seconds later, he came
out holding a small puppy around about 6 to 8 weeks old.

We took him to the vet, and he said he was perfectly happy
and healthy, but he would need his vaccinations. So we got
them, and when he got used to us, he was just as happy and
playful as my old dog, Benny. Our new dog is now named
Russell, after rustling around in bins. We also found out
what breed he is, Chihuahua x Jack Russell Terrier.


My dog Jake is a very old herding dog but he acts like
herding puppy. We had just got brand new kittens Kip and
Lafonda. When ever they see Jake they hiss at him and they
won't stop until he is gone. When Jake is gone they finish
their hissing and they sit down and sometimes sleep. While
they sleep Jake comes in to the the room and just lays there
until they wake up and they start hissing.

But before any other pets we had he was a perfect dog. When
I had a broken leg from the neighbor kid he went and laid by
me. I have learned to not rough house around him. But he is a
great dog and is very loving and gentle around little kids.
But when any one is gone for a long time or just been away
for 3 hrs, he will get all wound up and jump on you
sometimes he will even bark. People we know have got in very
use to him and his ways.

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