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Peppy Pets
Nov. 27, 03

Got a new dog or puppy? Now you need to find
out what you should do to train your dog or puppy.

Well, guess what? Tippy has a pretty darn good
bunch of articles on dog training on her site
that she wants you to use, and have for no charge

Dog training tips for free?

Yep. We want to be of the best possible service to
our readers as possible. We also want each and
every pet out there to live a high quality life
and a happy life. That is what we are dedicated to

So by providing you with as much information about
dog training and dog health as we can, we are thus
affecting a huge number of dogs, cats, birds, and
other pets.

What a fantastic way of life. We love pets and we
thank you ever so much for visiting our site and
for being such a wonderful pet owner.

Go here for all of Tippy's Dog Training Tips

And, please feel welcome to write us with concerns,
or questions or share a tale about your pet with us.
A good many of our pages have stories about our
readers pets on them. We hope you enjoy.

Harvey shown below is one of our many satisfied readers

I believe pets are our guardian angels. I remember one time
I collapsed, and when I awoke, my dog and cat were both
standing over me to make sure I was okay. This is not the
same as coming back in the form of a spirit, but it is
enough to make me believe that from earth or beyond our pets
are our angels 

You ask such interesting questions. You challenge people to
say what they think, no matter how daffy it sounds. 

As a life long animal lover, I've had a few thoughts along
the way. 

Aren't some of them already angels appearing in animal
disguises? Who said anything about them having to die and
come back. They are already here. It certainly has seemed
that way at times. 

I've had pets that died visit me in dreams later, and also
people I've loved that died. It was good to see them all,
and obviously fulfilled some great emotional need.

That's what they do best from my point of view, give us
companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love, angelic
traits indeed.

Heidi Ann
Hi Pet Lovers:

I have a very wonderful and loving dog her name is Heidi
Ann. She is ll years old and a mixed German Shepherd and
Coyote. When we first met Heidi Ann was back two years ago
February of 2000. I had lost my beloved Doxie Scamper just
a few months early and I just needed to find another dog
like Scam or one who needed a good and loving family like my
husband Jim and me.

We went to the Animal Shelter in Freburg, Maine. We looked
at several different dogs and had decide to check a black
Labrador Retriever but she was to much to control and very
strong. While we were walking with her, we came to a fenced
in area where Heidi was in the snow outside because she was
scared of the other dogs and I was told she been adopted
twice and brought back each time. Well too make this short,
she choose us and we wanted her too.

So in two weeks Heidi came home with us and has come a long
way from the sad little dog as we found her and she loves to
go for long rides and is a good sister to our cats Angel and
Gizmo and now Angels Kittens, Queenie, Scamper Jr.,
Princess, and Dasie Dee. They are 9 weeks old now. Last of
all We also have a pet rat that belongs to our grandchildren
James and Melisa and her name is Mege.

I have had a cat named Qeenie Marie who lived to be almost
20 years old she past away two months before she would have
been 20. Another cat Princess Angel she was 12 went she
pasted away. These two was a different as day and night but
very lovable pets.
Cynthia Irene Hinck


2 Dogs: one is called Gator and the other is called Bud
Ladorna Swerhun

My story is about Gator our giant Schnauzer, He weighs
110lbs and every ounce of it is a big suck. Every evening
around 8:30 he goes in the bedroom, crawls up on the bed and
goes to sleep. This lasts for only about 20 minutes and
then he comes back out into the living room and stares at me
and my husband, then goes back to bed.

He keeps this up all evening until we do go to bed (I'm sure
he is telling us to go to bed). Our other dog Bud is a
Rottweiler and Gator"s best Friend. The two of them are
inseparable and I can't imagine my life without them. They
have brought a lot of joy to our lives and I refer to them
as my KIds.

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