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Is it taboo

to Feed Table

Scraps to Dogs?

Peppy Pets
Nov. 27, 03

Your vet says it and so does every book on caring for
your dog: Don't feed your dog table scraps. We disagree!

Well, let's take a closer look at the reasons why
vets don't think that dogs should be fed table scraps.

First off, the food that you're feeding your dog
should be a very high quality food that provides
a large percentage of the nutrients and proteins
the dog requires. Feeding a food that is full of fillers
is not good for your dog. Fillers are things like
corn and wheat, etc.

Secondly there is no one single brand of food anywhere
on the market that will provide each and every dog
in the world with the exact nutrients they need.

So, supplementation with a good mineral/vitamin supplement
is always recommended even when feeding a very high
quality premium food.

Why do we feed table scraps to our dogs? The biggest
reason is because when the family sits down to eat
and Fido comes over to the table and looks up at
you with those huge, forlorn eyes, and the look that
says I'm totally starved and will die if you don't feed me.

And, Fido ALWAYS knows the person who will give in
to him or her to beg to.

So, the dog will survive and it's best practice to
train your dog never to beg at the kitchen table.

Now, it's the opinion of the Chief editor of the Dog Care
section here at Pet Care Tips, (which would be Tippy),
that giving a dog an occasional tidbit that's leftover
from dinner is a very good idea.

Here's why. There are foods that humans eat that are
actually good for dogs. In fact many of the premium
foods contain certain vegetables and proteins that we
eat everyday.

So, these foods help fill in nutritional gaps. The
secret is in giving the right table scraps and in
not giving the ones that would be harmful. These
foods can lead to dogs being overweight and cause
heart and artery type problems along with diabetes
and canine hip dysplasia among other problems you
don't want your dog to have.

Let's cover these:


would include: sugar, anything with sugar in it,
high fructose corn syrup, chocolates, artificial sweeteners,
candy, syrups, pie, cake, ice cream, onions,
(if your dog eats onions or chocolate accidentally
call your vet right away!), fatty and greasy foods,
(French fries, onion fries, fast food),
pork products, raw or undercooked meats, (yes we
know all about the raw food diet for dogs, we do
not advocate it, read about it here: 

Other bad table scraps and bad treats to give are
spicy foods, spices, table salt and pepper, white
flour products, white potatoes, and while were at it
flouridated and chlorinated water (tap water, always
provide pure water).


Many doggie nutritionists recommend giving an
occasional vegetable to your dog. These can be
cooked or raw, and if your dog is overweight,
green beans are great! Fresh fruits will do
good, but no grapes. Whole brown rice is good,
whole wheat pastas products, cooked meats other
than pork, yogurt and whole milk right from the
cow. We really don't like peanut butter because
of the high sugar content.

We also recommend giving your dog some treats
that are made from people who have high degrees
of knowledge in the field of dog nutrition.

These are the treats we recommend: Select me to See Them

If you're unsure whether or not a certain food is good
for your dog, don't offer it. Dogs deserve a treat now
and then just as much as we humans do, but they'll be
happier and healthier if the treats you give supplement
rather than sabotage their diets.

Your canine companion, Tippy

PS:  I love to eat cooked vegetables and some fresh
fruits like cantaloupe and honeydew melons. But Dave is
really particular about what he feeds me and when.

I only get the treats between meals, because feeding treats
will upset the nutritional balance of my food if I ate them
at meal time.

Of course one of my favorite treats is Life's Abundance
Dental Treats!  I need good teeth and gums cause I'm a dog,
and dogs without teeth, have a hard time scaring the
cows away from the fence.  The cows would laugh at
me without teeth!

So Dave gives me those Delicious Dental Treats with
that great peanut butter taste...YUMMY!!!!

And it even has some good stuff like a patented ingredient
to help fight plaque build-up, calcium & phosphorus that
help build strong teeth and even my bones, and parsley
which gives me a good smelling breath.

Dave thinks all the good stuff in the Dental Treats is important
for my teeth and gums, .....I really don't care about all those
good things in the Dental Treats, I only care about how good
they taste!!! So I just wag my tail when he brings out the
package and then thank him after.

And come to think of it, my teeth do look pretty good
after all. Maybe that's why that big, handsome German Shepherd
up the road keeps winking at me every time I go by?

So fellow canines, if you want a really delicious treat,
give these Dental Treats a try...

They're My FAVORITE!

You guys can take a look at them here.

Tippy's Healthy Dog Treats Here

And they're really inexpensive, 60 treats (28 oz bag)
are only $16.50 at the preferred customer price. That's
only 27 cents a treat, what a bargain.

Woof Woof....
Your friend, Tippy


Turkey Day!

We apologize for there not being an issue sent out this
past Tuesday, our mailing software was in a bad mood.....
guess we didn't feed it enough treats or something...:-)

Tippy and Alfred hope you and your pets are all having
a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We here at Pet Care Tips
are very thankful for the wonderful readers we have.....
and that means YOU.

Thank you for making our newsletter what it is, without you,
we couldn't exist.

We are also thankful for the un-conditional love our furry
friends provide us with. And for the great God who saw
fit to give us these wonderful companions in our lives.

Around the holidays, we are all tempted to give our pets
table scraps and various treats while cooking, at least
Tippy and Alfred seem to spend a lot of time in Janet's
kitchen,,,, hoping to get some of that turkey and other goodies.

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