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Peppy Pets
Oct. 03, 03

Jasper my Maine Coon Cat Saved My Life

I have one year old cat named Jasper. Some friends found him
and plus three of his sister and brothers. Their mother died and
they were all homeless. He was only two weeks old when I
took him in.

Jasper is a Maine Coon. They have such a different personality.
He is my best friend and helped me a lot at the time.

When I got Jasper, I was told I have a disease and will never
be able to work again. I am always in lots of pain and walk
with a cane.

I was very depressed and thought that my life was worthless
until I got Jasper. I knew I had to feed him every two hours
from a bottle and take care of him like a mommy takes care
her baby. I tried to teach Jasper everything a cat should know.

Jasper always thought me as his real mommy too. He always
wore a collar with a bell and his name and phone number on it.
He was never good at catching mice, birds, etc because of
his bell, I guess. He had a friend next door name Spaz.
Every time Spaz caught a mouse, Jasper would get it and
bring it to me like he gave me a present and got it himself.

Before I moved to my mom's, Jasper had lots of people friends.
He would set at their apartment door and wait until they
came home to play. He would sometimes go out front and
lay on the sidewalk waiting for his friends to come home so he
can have a petting.

He loves to go to the laundry room and help them do their
laundry too. Jasper was the apartment's pet. They sure do
miss him too since I moved to my mom's. I live with my mother
now as need help due to my disease. My mom has a small dog
which they get along real good together. Cami (dog) won't
eat dinner or go to bed at night until Jasper is there with her.

Jasper is a very quite cat. When he comes in the house and
I am not paying attention to him, he would meow one time to
say "Hey I am here, time for me now" or when he is out of
dry food, etc then he would meow two times and that
is when things are real bad and I need to fix it fast!

There is so much to write about Jasper. All I can say is that
Jasper is my best friend and it would be hard to live without
him. He saved my life.
Sent in by Sandra Mathis


Cat Have a Runny Nose?

It could be caused by a cold, or possibly a respiratory infection.
If so, be very careful about your cat becoming de-hydrated.

When cats get flu like symptoms they often go off food
and water. Cats use their sense of smell when they eat, and
if the nose is plugged up, they can't smell their food.

If your cat is off food and becoming de-hydrated, go
get yourself the smelliest can of cat food you can.

Canned cat food is 80% moisture and will help re-hydrate kitty.

for more info on Cat colds and flu, here's the link:

We've also put up a lot of new pages on cat care this week
and totally re-designed our cat pages, we think you'll really
like what you see

For all our cat care pages here's the link:


Jack Wright of Kingston, ON. is listed in the Guinness Book of
World Records as the "owner" of the most cats at one time - 689.
That's a lot of masters!


Laura Mckegg

I found my cat Venny when she was a tiny little kitten, she
had been dumped on the side of the road with her sister.
There were lots of turkeys around and it was a freezing cold
rainy day. We were on our way to visit our Granddad and we
stopped to eat something in the car but I wanted to stretch
my legs.

Anyway I was walking along the side of bush and I heard a
squeaky little meow and I looked down and saw her there so I
picked her up and brought her back to our car and said to
mum "mum look there is kittens," and Matthew my brother went
back to see if there were anymore and he found Tango.

We tried to give them away but no one could have them so we
ended up keeping them and we have them to this very day. I
love Venny every morning she comes in and kisses me and
won't let me go to school. She loves sitting on top of the
t.v. because she thinks were watching her, sometimes she
watches t.v. from on top of th t.v.
Well I suppose that's my story.


Kitty was the name of the pet lion from the 1960s TV
series The Addams Family

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