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Peppy Pets
Oct. 05, 2009

Fall Pet Tip for keeping your pet Warm:

As it is turning to fall it is time to start thinking about
your pet and the cold of winter. It's easy to keep your pet
warm this winter, just follow these tips.

Did you know that your outdoor pets can get frostbite? The
pads of their feet are always on that cold and hard ground.
How would you like to walk around barefoot all during the
winter and fall months? Make sure that even pets that are
used to living outdoors have a cozy shelter that they can
get into at all times.

Get Your Dog or Puppy Ready for Winter

Winters can be hard on our dogs just as they are on us. To
make them comfortable, warm and cozy dog sweaters are

Dog clothing is available these days for every season, even
sweatsuits, raincoats, and thick warm jackets to beat the
cold. Sweaters designed for dogs are so cute and comfortable
and are very popular as dogs are now found in the majority
of homes these days.

Dog sweaters are useful to protect your dog from cold as
well as to help prevent winter diseases such as colds. Not
only sweaters, but other accessories are also available such
as hats, booties, boots, and the like, to show off your love
for your dog and make your dog look cute as well help it to
be warm and healthy during the cold seasons.

This is even more important if your dog is still a baby.
Protect your puppy with even more care than an adult dog
because puppies are more vulnerable to cold and can fall
sick quickly. Dog sweaters are especially a must for puppies
of small breeds when you take them outside.

Dog Sweaters are available in abundance in various
materials, sizes and colors. The size of your dog should be
no issue at all since dog sweaters are readily available in
all sizes and can usually be returned and switched if there
is a mismatch of size.

Get Your Dog Sweaters Here

We also carry some really cool doggie, coats, umbrellas, jackets,
safety vests, pajamas and raincoats. And, these are
Really HOT! NFL jerseys for dogs for every NFL team.

NFL Dog Jerseys Here

They make Perfect Gift Items!

Pet Type: Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish, Dove etc.

Hi, I couldn't write about just one pet. I've had so many,
and as yours, they were all perfect angels. There is no love
you can get, like the love of an animal.

They love you no matter what.

I believe they are God's angels.. watching over us. They save
lives, give total trust and love to us. They are the eyes
for the blind.. they make us happy ..they make us laugh..
they make us feel good.. then after years... they go away.
And it hurts so deeply.. and we hope to meet again.

I have had the unfortunate task of putting several of my
sweeties down. I hold them and whisper in their ear, as they
get the shot... wouldn't we want someone we love to hold us
and comfort us at that certain time? I feel it's the "least"
I could do for my babes. They trust us with their lives. And
sometimes we feel guilt...was it the right time?...did I
forget to say something,...does my pet forgive me?. Yes, no,
yes. They felt safe in your arms to the very came
through for guilt. You are a hero...and they thank


Hi my name is Janneke I think you already notice I am 13
years old and I am from Holland. Well, my story is about one
of my lovely dogs called 'beer' it's a Dutch name it means:
bear. We've got it not too long, like hmmm... 2/3 months or

Whatever he is just soo cute. The only thing is... well...
you already knew it's a dog who keeps the house safe? The
thing is... he's shy! I can't even give 'm a little kiss or
hug! It's very annoying. I hope you've got an idea to make
him NOT shy. And make him to a good beware of dog. could you
help me? send a message please. thank you for helping.
bye bye Janneke Panday

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