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Peppy Pets
October 14, 04

Sid our Mustang Horse: We now call him our Wonder Horse
Anthony, Linda and Carolyn Hendrex

Sid is our 8 year old Mustang Horse. He was born wild in
Wyoming and captured by the BLM at 2 years old . He was
trained at the Colorado State Prison in Canyon City, CO.
The prisoners there gave him the name "Psycho Sid" because he
fought them so hard. We bought him as a 14th birthday gift
to our daughter, Carolyn.

We had never had a horse before, and did not know what to
expect. Imagine our surprise when our new pet tried to buck
our little girl off his back! There were many tense weeks
as she tried to establish a relationship with him, but she
never gave up. Before long we began to appreciate what an
interesting and wonderful animal he is, and he began to
decide that he actually liked this new little girl!

A few months after we got him, he was running with a herd of
horses on a 500 acre ranch near our home in Evergreen,
Colorado. Our daughter would go to see him every afternoon.
One day, we got a frantic message from her that there was
something seriously wrong with her beloved pet - he had been
badly mauled by a mountain lion! Although there were many
deep scratches on him and a large bite out of his back leg,
he had managed to escape with his life and had lost his rear
shoes in the fight to get away. Two other horses (one
elderly and one blind) had gathered around to protect him,
and were so tight that it was difficult for our daughter to
get close enough to help him. After a long but full
recovery, he was his old self again. He never forgot the
friends who protected him when he was injured, and was often
seen thereafter sticking up for them against stronger and
younger horses who would try to bully them. A rumor even
got around that the mountain lion had originally gone after
the weaker horses and that Sid had risked his own life to
save them. Now we call him "Sid the Wonder Horse"!

Sid has a very good reputation in our community. Carolyn
has been using the principles of natural horsemanship with
him and he has responded beautifully. He has never lost his
wild heart and is spunky and spirited as a horse can be, but
he is also affectionate to humans and has won the heart of
everyone who knows him.


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Jeff Street

We bought him at a Pet's Mart in Anderson In. When he was
only 17 lbs. His birthday is July 21st of 1999. He was the
best thing that my wife and I could of ever done. Harley
is a mixed Rottweiler and German Shepherd.

He weighs in at 98 lbs now and is the most loving, sweetest
one dog that I've ever seen. He went to puppy pre-school and
got a diploma that hangs in our living-room. He is great
with kids, and anyone who comes around.

My wife and I every year have a Birthday Party for Harley,
and all of our friends and family come over. We have a big
cook-out and pitch-in. And my wife and I get a cake and have
ice-cream. We take Harley for rides in the country to see
the Moo-Moos (cows) and to see the Horses. (and the little
babes, the colts) We talk to him like he is our little baby.
We love him and don't know what we would do without him. And
I could go on and on about him forever but he is priceless.
There isn't any amount of money in the world that would buy
him from us. We would do anything for him, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!
Signing off now Harleys Parents: Jeff&Joy.....


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I lost several devoted pets in my years on this earth. My
last loss was Odi, a pure blue-black cat who was fearless
enough to put out a candle with his paw - twice. As he lay
dying, this past May, 2003, he picked up his head and looked
at me one last time. I wish I knew what that was all about. 

I don't know if pets go to heaven. I hope so and pray that
God in his infinite wisdom and mercy has a place for their
little faithful spirits. I am pretty sure that they don't
stay around as guardian angels. I think in our humanness, we
are always drawn to beliefs that make us feel better. We
want things to be magical and Disneyland-like, and we think
that if we believe something very strongly that it must be

There is only one truth and as difficult as it may be, it
behooves us to not lean on our own understanding, but to
seek God's answers in all things. In his time, he will
reveal his truths to us.
Taffy Rosik

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