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Peppy Pets
Oct. 15, 2003

Buster Brown and Roy Rogers: King Of The Cowboys

We've got a very special set of web pages for you today.

Growing up, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans played a big role
in our lives. They were true western and American heroes,
folks with integrity. They stood and fought for justice and
what was right, good and fair....not only in their movies
and TV show, but also in their lives.

Here's our special tribute to them.

You'll find info on their lives, movies, songs, books, Trigger,
Buttermilk, Bullet, Pat Brady, Nellybelle, and a bunch of
other stuff.

We hope you enjoy and like this, please send us your feedback.
Tippy & Alfred

Buster Brown's dog's name was Tige, short for Tiger.

Buster Brown and Tige are still after almost 100 years
on the inside of children's shoes.

We are so very happy to live with our best friend Madolyn.
She is our constant companion everywhere we go. She is a
Miniature Schnauzer with such a sweet heart. She travels
with us on all our excursions and that includes back and
forth from Ohio to Florida each winter season. She cares not
where we go just as long as we can do it together. Short or
long trips - she is always with us. Her home is wherever we
are - north or south. Our children grew up but our furry
friend stayed with us. We love her so.
Sandy and Steve Horvath

I always tell my 4 legged children " Momma Loves the
babies"! Doesn't everyone? We kiss them on the mouth too!!

Mother of three two legged children and two four legged
Amanda Mangin

Of course, we tell our dog we love her.....we talk to her,
tell her she is the best, the prettiest and that we love her
very much.

Pat Williams

Hoss Boss sitting in Daddy's favorite spot, sorry Dad.....

I tell my 13 year old tiny red Tabby cat, Amber, that I love
her all the time! She returns the sentiment by rubbing her
head against my shoulder!

We have two cats at the office -- which is a Vocational
Center for people who have Developmental Disabilities. Those
guys are Buttercup, a seven year old 27 pound red Tabby, and
Jordan, a two year old normal sized black. I tell them
that I love them many times a day; and I often hear clients
telling them that they love them as well!

Sue Miller


Yes I do tell my dog that I love him and when I do his eyes
seem so look so shiny as if he knows what I am telling him!
His name is Montana, he is a 6 month old black lab! I also
have a 13 yr old female black lab that he often bugs the
heck out of but they get along great! 

Love your letters Thank you
Maureen Madigan


OH YES! I Tell Mickey my Shih Tzu He is my BEST Friend .I
can be having the worst day but when I get to see him I know
everything is alright. I Tell him I LOVE YOU many times a day
he wags his tail and lets me know he is a very happy boy But
I am the lucky one to have him more than anyone knows he
keeps me going! I'm disabled and some days I don't want to get
up because I know that ill be in pain all day but when he
lays on my chest and gives me a lick we wrestle around him
playing kissy face he knows if I'm sad he knows when I hurt
but he doesn't care That I cant do much but he LOVES ME I

Mickeys Mom Sharon Ransford

He is my Fishing Buddy also he never complains all he wants
is to be by my side and me by his! I wish dogs lived as long
as we!

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