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Endearing Stories about Dogs & Guide Dogs

Peppy Pets
Oct. 17, 03


I have a wonderful guide dog named Chadwick. He is a very
large, yellow Labrador Retriever. He came to be with me through
San Rafael Guide Dogs For The Blind, inc. Chadwick is my 6th
guide dog.

All have been precious and special, but Chadwick has really had
his work cut out for him. About a year after he came home with
me, I discovered that I had colon cancer. They took the tumor,
but there was still some cancer loose. Chadwick went through
chemotherapy with me, and was a favorite at the local cancer center.

Through this time, he has loved me and cheered me on, and I
couldn't have made it without him. In between bouts, we terrorize
our small town by walking all over. Thank you for letting me tell
a little about my best friend!

Sent in by: Thair Knoles


Note: Chadwick also sent us this message earlier in the
week, you may enjoy his comments   :-)
Hello! My name is Chadwick. I am a yellow lab guide dog. My
mommy and I  read your newsletter with a screen reader which
talks. When we read the lyrics to, "The Doggy In The Window"
(one of my mommy's favorites,) every  time "arf arf" came up,
the screen reader really messed it up good. It was
really funny! We love your Peppy Pets newsletter!

Your friend, Chadwick



Our darling Buster came to us three years ago as a big surprise.
His former human companions had passed away and he was on
his way to the Animal Shelter when our son-in-law, Rusty, rescued
him and brought him to us.  Buster brought a bag of food and
a padded bed with a little quilt to cover with.

He just fit right in with our family of two little dogs and a Ms. Kitty.
Buster is the type of dog that waits until others are finished eating
before he will go to his bowl.  He never barks at anyone he sees
from his view at the front door. His barking is reserved for the
vacuum cleaner and boy, does he get rough with it.

The most fun that Buster and I have is when we play ball in
the house and it turns into a fun time of chasing Buster and trying
to catch and hold him. He is so fast and furious....not to be
caught by me or our teenage grandson.
Such a dog....we have been blessed.
Sent in by: Shirley

Buster is a Bichon Frise


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Of course, I tell my little Shih Tzu that I love her. Her
name is Ambie and she is seven doggie years young. My
husband and I are both retired and really enjoying our life
of leisure with our little Ambie and about twenty outside
kitty cats. In fact, Ambie seems to think she might be part
cat since she helps raise all the kittens here on the farm.

I enjoy your newsletters very much. You are not only
informative, but also send many laughs my way.
Pat Lackey


We tell our dogs I love you every day. We have two chocolate
female labs. Samantha ( years old) and Abigail ( 1 year )
Abby is Samantha's daughter. thank you for the great emails.

Shannon Fox


My dog's name is Cocoa and she is springer spaniel and yes I
tell her I love her. She came to us 3 mos. after Cocoa #1's
passing. She was also springer spaniel. We had her for 13
1/2 years. I found Cocoa #2 on a rescue site and I couldn't
resist...the only difference between the two Cocoa's....the
first was black and white and the second is Dark Liver and
white....we call her
Boo Bear. Debra A. Smith

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