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Pigs are very social creatures and that should be kept in mind
when you are deciding whether to buy a pig as a pet. If you are
gone from home frequently and have no other human or animal with
which your pig can interact while you are absent, your pig could
become depressed. Depression leads to obesity and other health
risks. Below we will discuss some other possible animal species
choices as companions and how they interact with pigs. But never
put a pig with any animal than another pig if the pig is not
spayed or neutered. Once a pig matures it usually become
territorial and aggressive if it is not spayed or neutered.


Most pigs love cats as companions. Cats are quiet and love to
snuggle. A pig may happily lay and nap with a cat. The two
animals usually get along great and if the cat is a kitten they
will play with each other.


You should never keep a pig and a dog together without
supervision, however. Pigs and dogs are natural enemies and a
dog, even if it is the tamest, sweetest, most lovable creature in
the world, is likely to attack a pig if it squeals. You should
keep you dog and pig separated for the safety of both animals. It
is in fact dogs that should be one of the major considerations
when planning and constructing a pen for your pet pig. Neighbor
dogs and stray dogs pose a real threat to your pig and will
attack it. The natural predator/prey instinct propels a dog to
attack a pig.

Goats, Cattle and Sheep

Mixing pigs with other livestock like goats, cattle or sheep is
usually okay, although sheep are often a bit skittish so how well
it goes will depend on your pig and your sheep. But pigs, goats,
cattle and sheep don't tend to pick on each other and in general
will leave each other alone.

Horses, Mules, Donkeys and Llamas

You shouldn't house your pig with horses, llamas, donkeys or
mules. These animals are all over reactive and could hurt each
other. A horse in particular might trample your pig trying to
escape, or even attack it.


Pigs and even-tempered, quiet-spoken humans get along fine
together so long as the human respects the pig and cares for it.
Pigs make great companions for people. They are very smart,
cleanly, and lovable, providing that you spay or neuter them. If
you do not spay or neuter your pig it will possibly become
aggressive and territorial when it matures.

Pigs and children do not go that well together so you should
introduce the two only with extreme caution. Pigs may bite and
may threaten another human if they are not comfortable with them.
So any introducing of strangers or even your own children should
only be done if the child or adult knows what to do and how to
approach the pig. And make sure that the child or visitor knows
to get away if the pig is not interested in being friendly.

Pigs need space to be happy and healthy. So understand that even
though these are not wild boars they are herd animals that are
naturally inclined to roaming and grazing, and may become
depressed if kept in a small space all the time. But they do need
love and attention because they are herd animals and not designed
to be independent.

Be careful what animals you keep with your pig and realize that
the very best companion animal for a pig is another pig.

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