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Saint Bernard Dogs

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Saint Bernard - The Avalanche Rescue Dog
By: Tippy

The Saint Bernard is an eager, friendly, gentle, highly
intelligent, loyal, obedient, patient, slow moving, tolerant
and willing to please dog. They do very well with children
if well socialized from puppy hood with other animals and
humans. They are very easy to train. The Saint Bernard makes
a great watchdog and its size makes a good deterrent to

Do be sure to teach this dog not to jump up on people
starting from an early age because at full growth this huge
breed can knock down even a large man. You want to be sure
to start training your dog as early as possible because once
they become big they are very hard to manage if you do not
already have control.

The Saint Bernard has large lips, and after it drinks or
eats it drools, so it is a good idea to have a cloth around
to wipe your dog's mouth. The breed has a highly developed
sense of smell and an almost sixth sense for impending
danger from storms and avalanches. Saint Bernards are very
talented dogs and have been used for carting, guard dog,
search and rescue and as a watchdog.

The Saint Bernard can reach a height of twenty-five and a
half to twenty-seven and a half inches and weigh between one
hundred and ten to two hundred pounds. This is for both the
male and female dog. They have a life expectancy of between
eight and ten years.

The Saint Bernard is susceptible to Ectropion, heart
problems, Hip Dysplasia, skin problems and "wobblers"
syndrome. Another ailment that should be watch for is bloat,
a potentially fatal condition that results from a twisted
stomach. Because of the danger of bloat in large dogs, is
best to feed your Saint Bernard several small meals a day
instead of one large meal. Saint Bernards also often wheeze
and snore.

Saint Bernards need to be taken on a long walk every day in
order to take care of the dog's physical and canine
psychological needs. Until the bones have fully formed a
puppy shouldn't be over exercised as this can lead to
serious problems. Short play sessions and walks are best for
a growing puppy until they are two years old.

The Saint Bernard does fine in an apartment setting and are
relatively inactive indoors provided they get enough
exercise. They will do fine with a small yard to go out in
when they want to play. They prefer to be with their family
but will do okay outdoors. However, the Saint Bernard
doesn't tolerate heat well; even warm rooms or cars can be
an issue.

The Saint Bernard breed has two types of coats and both are
easy to groom. Brush with a firm bristle brush or comb and
give the dog a bath only when necessary. Use a mild soap
with bathing because you do not want to strip the coat of
its natural oils that keep the coat water resistant.

Your Saint Bernard may have problems with watering eyes. Be
sure to wipe the dog's eyes with a clean damp cloth and make
sure they are free of irritants. This dog breed sheds twice
a year.

Picture of Saint Bernard

I want to help in making a Saint Bernard a Healthy Dog
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

This gentle, affectionate giant, the Saint Bernard,
can become a fierce guardian and must be taken

All precautions against bloat, heart and joint
disease must be taken.

See also how to Prevent Bloat in your Saint Bernard

See also how to help Prevent Arthritis

L-carnitine and taurine rich foods must be added
to a high quality alternative professional food,
along with alfalfa to help prevent bone disease.

See my Heart Felt Suggestion for a Healthy, Nutritious
dog food for your Saint Bernard

Keeping your dog thin until 2 years of age,
no Frisbee, and steady exercise will help ensure
strong muscles and stable bone development.

Daily grooming helps reduce shedding, as will
the addition of vegetable enzymes to the diet.

Cleaning the ears and eyes daily with goldenseal
solution will prevent infections.

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