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Schipperke Dogs

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Schipperke - The Little Captain
Tippy & Alfred

The Schipperke is an alert, curious, devoted, energetic,
high-spirited, loyal, mischievous, smart, quick, self
confident little dog that is especially good with children.
They bond tightly with their masters. They are usually good
with other dogs and happily accept family cats. These dogs
were bred to be family companions and watchdogs and they
won't back down from anyone and will defend their owner's

The Schipperke does very well on boats. These dogs need to
be socialized well in order to prevent them from become
aloof and wary of strangers. They are quick to understand
and eager to learn so they are easy to train, although some
can be difficult to housebreak.

Schipperkes like to howl. Once your Schipperke alerts you
that someone has come it should be told to stop and be quiet
or it can become an obsessive barker. It is important that
you not allow this dog to develop Small Dog Syndrome. This
occurs when the human treats the dog as a human and doesn't
put limits on the dog's behavior. Be sure to be a consistent,
firm and calm authority when dealing with this dog.

The Schipperke breed can reach ten to thirteen inches in height
and weigh between twelve to eighteen pounds for both the
male and female dog. These measurements are based on healthy
averages for this dog breed. This dog can live fifteen or
more years on average.

The Schipperke has problems with cataracts, epilepsy, Hip
Dysplasia, canine hypothyroidism, Legg Calves Perthes, MPS 111B or
Mucopolysaccharidosis and PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy
that results in blindness. Be careful not to over feed your

The Schipperke is a good dog for apartment living. They are
very active indoor dogs. They are very quick, so if you do
let them outdoors only allow them into a fenced backyard.
These dogs are tireless and very active.

In order for a Schipperke to be happy they need to be taken
on a daily walk or jog to satisfy both their physical and
psychological canine needs. Otherwise playing and running
around inside the house will run off a lot of their energy.
In a safe, secure fenced area you can let them off the leash
to run around and play.

The Schipperke pretty takes care of its own grooming needs
and is very clean. In order to keep the double, medium
length coat in top condition, brushing with a firm bristle
brush or comb regularly is recommended. Dry shampoo when

They shed very little until the coat "blows" which means
that a sudden drop of all the undercoat within ten day's
time. This happens more often with the female dogs and less
so with the males and spayed females.


Giving a Schipperke the Right Nutrients it Needs
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Give the Schipperke antioxidants and feed quality
professional food so it can live the long life it's known
for and it's full coat can stay healthy.

Shedding can be a problem.
Vegetable enzymes added to the diet are helpful.

A Perfectly Natural Dog Food for Schipperkes here
(Made in the USA, only natural, high quality ingredients,
from a family owned bakery)

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