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Peppy Pets
Sept. 01, 03

Pet Care Tips is Back In The Saddle Again

We have two new additions to our wonderful family of pets
here are at Peppy Pets! Friday, Dave bought two horses,
Shadow and Smokey.

Dave was talking to a man who had some horses Friday and
casually asked if he had any for sale. While we weren't
really looking for horses, the farm was kind of empty since
we sold the cows last year, and we thought it would be fun
to have some horses back.

Years ago we had horses, grew up around horses, even
did some local racing at one her younger days :-)
But we just didn't have the time to fool with them and
when Sandy (the pony) died, Chipper was real lonely, so
we sold Chipper to be with other horses.

To make a long story short, we got two beautiful horses
on Friday. Smokey is a buckskin mare, very gentle horse and
Shadow is an Arabian/Quarter bay gelding.

We'll get some pictures up on the Web for you this coming week.
We're really Excited about their arrival

Hope you have a great Day, it's hard to believe
summer's over already.


I have a special little friend, very little indeed.
He keeps me happy and helps me when I'm in need.
He's always there for me to hold, love on, and care for.
Even if I have a good day, he cheers me up even more.

I keep him in my heart when I'm away somewhere. He's my baby
and I love him, no one else can compare.
He is very special to me, he helps me get by life.
When I'm blue, he's blue too. We live the same life.

We share each day together and I enjoy his company. We share
thoughts, we understand each other, It's always him and me.

I got him on my birthday, what a birthday it was. I loved him
the moment I seen him, he was the cutetest one.

He is very sweet, and it is him that I adore. I've enjoyed the
days I've spent with him and I hope to share even more.

Bandit is my pet ferret, but also my best friend. We're there
for each other, and we'll always be, until the very end.
Sent in by: Crystal Lowery


I have a toy Poodle whom I call Boo-Boo & when I stare into
those Big brown eyes, I almost have to smile & say "I wub
oogh "

Deborah Smith


I have 2 Shih Tzu's - Kuma is 6 yrs old and Gizmo is
18 months old. I always tell them I love them. They
don't know they are dogs.

Susan Shepherd

Ripley my 210l. Great Dane is told every night before
I go to sleep that I love him. he is my best friend
always there for me. He can't speak the words to
tell me he loves me but, his actions and his eyes always. 

Sherri Admave


Each day I tell both of my girls Little Red and Simba I love
you and say a pray for them because of their health
problems. Simba is now blind and diabetic (took less than 2
months from the time we found out till she was totally
blind) and Little Red has a red hump on her back which has
been drain several times it is NOT cancer, thank the Lord. 

We thank the Lord each day even with her for problems for
she gives so much LOVE each day she protects her master Rick
and I she warns people not to get close to the fence. Most
people do not know she is blind, unless they look directly
into her eyes. She has hip problems so she does NOT move as
quick but she still parks herself in front of one of us so
that she can feel Rick mainly. Red is the loud one and the
one who will take on all comers to the door. Even at the
Doctors office (vet's) the assistant went to take the lease
from Rick and boy did she take him to task. He learned in a
hurry DO NOT reach and act like you are going to hurt my

So YES we say a million times a day they are loved to them.
I could give you a good story about Little Red but it would
take too much time and space here. IF you would like the
story I would be most happy to write it for you. Thanks for
reading this and hope that you have a wonderful and blessed

Rick J Juenemann

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