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Pet & Dog Dandruff & Shampoo

Peppy Pets
Sept. 03, 03

Does Your Pet Have Dandruff?

The last thing you expect from your furry little friend
is a blizzard of flaky skin. Doggy dandruff .....
Now what should a caring pet owner do?

"Pet dandruff looks like a really bad case of people dandruff -
you can easily see it with most animals," says Nancy Scanlan,
D.V.M., a veterinarian in private practice in California.

While occasionally dog dandruff and cat dandruff can
indicate a serious health problem, like allergies, parasites,
or skin infections, more often it occurs when skin cells
naturally proliferate -- They form, die and then flake off --
at an accelerated rate.

To read our entire report on dog and cat dandruff and what
you can do to stop dandruff..... Here's the web link:
Dog & Pet Dandruff Shampoo Here

Dave Screwed Up......
Alfred's in the Doghouse.......

Our Featured Tip of the Week: Pet Dandruff

Hmmmm.....on Monday we wished readers to have a
good Memorial day....thanks to all you guys who wrote and
reminded Dave that this past weekend was....Labor Day

Alfred took his usual naps at various places yesterday, one of
which was on the wife's blouses and the other nap was
on one of her favorite quilts that lay on top our bedspread.

Perfectly acceptable places for an Alfred kitty to nap......
however, she happened to notice a big oily spot on her
blouse when she went to put it on. Then noticed another
bigger oily spot on the quilt.

This is not something that makes a woman happy.

Seems as though Alfie was out in the barn somewhere and
somehow got into some used motor oil. It got all over
his belly and thus the spots where he napped.

Alfred then got his ears reddened quite a bit from the woman
of the house. For whatever reason, Alfie just didn't seem to
understand...or didn't care :-)

Alfie just didn't understand and totally detested the bath too.

But at least we were able to get all the oil off and we now
have a squeeky clean kitty. We were surprised at how well the
shampoo we used worked to get rid of the oil and a lot
of hidden dirt.

We only use safe and natural shampoos and have found
this one to be the best yet. It cleans really well and leaves
such a shiny and natural looking coat, and has only
ingredients that are safe for dogs and cats.

Check the Dog & Cat Shampoo out here:


Hello Tippy, Alfred & Dr. Dave,

Thank you for responding to my question.
I believe that you are correct. My cat does not
seem to have any fleas since eating healthier
and her ears seem to be a lot better, as a matter of fact,
she is "wild" after eating and consuming her vitamins.

Tafi runs amuck in our bedroom. It's hilarious! She has
so much energy, but she does sleep better at night. I
guess she wears herself out with all the running and playing.
I am so glad that I have switched her to your healthier food and
I thank you and Tafi thanks you.
Elaine Balesteri


We tell our poodle 'Daisy' every day how much we love her.
We found her wondering the streets in Mexico. She had mange
and later was attacked by a pit bull, but we saved her and
she has been a joy to us ever since. And she showers us with
kisses all the time. 
Bill & Claire Blanchard

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