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Pet Newsletter Fun for all Pets
Sept. 05, 2003

Samyot, Godiva Chocolatier, Heidi & Quanta

Yes, my animals know I love them. I tell them that I love my
cats, Samyot the Siamese and Godiva Chocolatier the
Himalayan, when I insist that they go outside only on
tethers. They have about 25 feet of dandelions and
strawberry leaves and grass but no road where fast drivers
exist. I also hug my dog, a large yellow Lab, Quanta, when
we go for a walk and she pulls her doggie halter off- I tell
her she can not go home without some sort of restraint cause
she also likes to wander into the middle of the road. (We
rescued her from a 44 day stay in a Humane Society shelter.)
I made sure my Heidi girl, my feral cat tortoiseshell queen, knew
I loved her the afternoon we spent a final half hour

Her tumor had festered and all the Veterinarian could do
was to clean her up. I told him no- she needed one last
dose of love. I told her that this was my last time of
making sure she felt safe and she kept her face close to me
while we talked. Sometimes this issue of love can be so
enormous that it stains a life time. My daughter had
serious sibling rivalry with all our animals when she was
growing up.

(She managed to make it through though: she flies Cessnas
for fun and just a couple of years ago, rescued her own
feline with a left over burrito as bait.) Thank you for all
the wonderful newsletters and for bringing this subject up-
it gave back vivid memories. Love? I am allergic to dogs!!
(Finding that out was the irony I gained upon hitting middle
age.) Once when I was a teenaged farm girl, a Hereford bull
did his best to shove me into the pasture. Our half-pint
Welsh Corgi attacked and barked at Shorty the bull until my Dad
and a friend came to the rescue. That image was what I
related to my allergist when he told me why I was deathly

Not rational but I still am unable to turn away big brown
eyed canines. I almost did but instead signed my name to an
oath to take charge of Quanta when she turned her face to me
and stared up into my eyes. 'Take me out of here! You have
the power, human. ' I remember love every time I sneeze and
wake up stuffed up again.

Lenore Plassman


Shadow & Smokey

It finally quit raining long enough this week so I
could get some pictures of the new horses taken.

Here they are:

Jan did some bare back riding, but I was chicken to try it.
She's the horse rider, I've got a lot of learning to do on how
to ride. I'll wait till we get some saddles.

However, I was "elected" to brush Shadow and Smokey
every day......guess Jan finally recognized my true talents......:-)

Wonder who'll be the lucky one that gets to muck out the stalls??????
Anyone wanna bet it won't be her........

We also put up a web page that tells a little about
our family here at Peppy Pets

Hope you enjoy today's pet story about Crazy Joe,
it's pretty cool.


Crazy Joe the undercover drug detector dog

Crazy Joe, a yellow Lab, was just another dog awaiting
adoption at a Georgia  shelter in 1998, but now he's a leading
narcotics-detector and "demo" dog for the U.S. Customs
and Border Protection  in the Department of Homeland Security.

Find out more about this remarkable customs Yellow Lab

During his career, he has uncovered more than $13 million
worth of illegal drugs.


Dear Alfred,

Dr. Madeline Bright Ogle wrote us and wanted to remind
our readers that oil on a cat can often cause their death
as it immediately robs them of vitamin K.

For the past 8 years, Dr. Ogle has been running the
Pet Groomer web site. They now have over 5500 pages
of information on grooming.


I tell my two cats, Mistie and Maggie, I love them all the
time. I usually say it while they are close to me and as I
pet them. Mistie, especially, looks up at me squinting her
eyes, as to to say "I know you do and I love you too." It's
so comforting! They know what those three words mean. I love
my two girls and they love their Mom!


Yes, I tell my dog, C.C. I love her all the time. She is a
four year old female fawn colored Chinese Sharpei. When my thirteen
year old male Sharpei, K.C. had to be put down three years
ago because of a cancerous tumor behind his eye, I went
looking for a rescued Sharpei and found C.C. through a
wonderful woman, Kelly Starbuck, on Mercer Island, WA, who
has saved and found new owners for many, many Sharpei dogs.
I also told K.C. I loved him all the time. We who are animal
people I think always tell our animals we love them.

Bonnie Fletcher

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