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Peppy Pets
Sept. 09, 03

Are You Interested in Helping Pets and Making Money at Home?

As many of you know, we are dedicated to helping as
many pets as possible live the longest and healthiest life possible.

It's a great way of life and we feel like we are doing something
really worthwhile with our lives and helping so many pets and people.

One of the main ways we do this is by being distributors
for HealthyPetNet. We provide dogs, cats and horses with
very high quality foods, supplements, treats, and pet care items
that really do enhance the pet's life and well being.

We also need to make a living and provide for our family
and our pets. So we do make money from home with our
business. 90% of what we do is from home, on the computer
and telephone.

We are looking for a couple of folks who:
1. Have a sincere desire to help pets
2. Who want to make a decent income from home doing it
3. Who would like to be involved with an Innovative company
that provides a tremendous amount of support, plus offers
high quality products.
4. Are looking for something that is satisfying, rewarding,
challenging, and fun. Something that is not boring, humdrum,
or a waste of time.

Are you a person who really wants to do something worthwhile
and wants to be your own boss?

Basically there are two companies out there that offer an
opportunity for folks interested in making money from home and
doing it by helping our wonderful little furry friends.

They are: Flint River Ranch and HealthyPetNet.

If you think this is something that might interest you, then
please go to this web page and read over a review of each opportunity.

We do suggest: if you are really serious, HealthyPetNet is
the best opportunity you will find. The start up cost to become
a distributor is Only: 19.95!

Send me an email with your phone number and we'll chat
more about this to see if it's something that's right for you or not.


Did You Ever Wonder?

About the history of dogs and how they evolved from wolves?

If so, we've got a new history page for you here:

We also put up a new page on How To Name Your Dog or Puppy
plus the most popular dog names


Hi! I have two shelties and I tell them daily that I love
them. Just like people life is too short not to convey that
to them especially when they are working dogs and do
visitations at nursing homes and cheer so many people. They
are wonderful and I want them to know that and telling them
may or may not be understood but they still love hearing my
voice so if it's one more time of hearing my voice in a
loving and kind way at least if they don't understand the
words they understand the message that it conveys and sooner
or later will understand the message! 

Mary Velegol


 I'm blessed to have a nine & a half year old giant black
brindle Boxer mail, his name is Black Beauty and we call him
Blacky. Blacky has other nicknames like sweety & treasure.
His eyes are so very kind and loving, you can almost hear
him talk by his eyes. And yes, I often do tell him that I
love him and I mean it each and every time I say it. We've
always been there for each other and we're very close.

Blacky is always giving me that unconditional love and I
can't do but giving it back to him. We talk a lot, by
hugging and through eye contact but we also change some
words, I do understand what he saying when he gives those
sounds and barks and I think he gets my message too when I
talk to him. I also often tell him that I can't do without
him, and that I'll always be there for him whatever it

Now Blacky is very old, his face was once black as the night
now it turned into gray, but his soul and heart are still
that loving caring and kind heart of a puppy. I pray to God
to bless me by giving me some more time to spend with my
dearest Blacky we still have a lot of love to give to each

Sylvia Fanous

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