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Peppy Pets
Sept. 29, 03

Pet Friendly Motor Lodges and Pet Accommodations

On a recent trip to Virginia Beach, we found a very Pet
Friendly motor lodge that I would like to recommend. The
name of the place is The Thunderbird Motor Lodge. It sits
right on the ocean front.

The rooms are impeccably clean, can be set up as adjoining
for larger groups. Have A/C vented tiled bathrooms where you
can safely leave your well behaved pet for a while, granted
you leave your pet a bowl of food and water and put up the
'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door for staff safety. 

There is a nice lawn area in which to curb your pet. Clean
up is strictly enforced, so plastic waste bags are a must.
Staff is extremely friendly and understanding regarding pets
in the room. However, I recommend owners be considerate of
maids and carry a lint brush and can of Lysol 'Fresh Scent'
spray to keep the room smelling fresh and clean. There is
also a nice size balcony where your pet can join you to
enjoy the ocean view and breeze. You should however watch
small to medium sized pets because they can easily squeeze
through into your neighbors balcony. Pocket and miniature
size pets should be kept on your lap or close at hand on a
short harness and leash. Pets are allowed on the cement
boardwalk at all times and on the beach after sunset. There
are tons of Family Dollar Stores on the main strip that sell
pet goods. And pet food is readably available at Farm Fresh,
Kroger, and Seven-Eleven 24 hour grocery stores, CVS,
Eckerd, Rite-Aid and in gas station Food Marts. 

Legitimate pet sitting and grooming services are listed in
your local Yellow Pages under PET SITTING. They even have a
'Beyond The Call of DO-DEE' 631-1396, poopie scooper
services available for those who prefer to pay someone else
to scoop up after your pampered pooch. And most importantly,
a listing of your local 24 Hour Emergency Vet Hospitals with
the number of the local Police Dept. to request Emergency
courtesy transport to the Vet Hospital...being you are a
tourist, they will consider you are not familiar with the
roads, and will most likely assist you in your Pets hour of

Pet ID tags are a must. Documentation of recent Rabies shot
should be carried with you at all times. A recent photo of
your pooch should be carried in your wallet in the event
your pet gets loose and runs away. Strap your pet in a car-
seat harness while driving around. And, carry a spray bottle
filled with chilled ice water to spray the bottom of your
pets paws...or coat with a layer of Liquid Bandage, in order
to safeguard your pet from painful heat burns. Both the sand
and pavement can be excruciatingly HOT, during daylight
hours. So, PLEASE, be aware of this when walking your pet.
Take your camera, and enjoy.


My husband and I live in Alabama. We are alone now except
for our 2 dogs Annie and Bo. We have children and
grandchildren in Missouri. We travel to see them a couple
times a year and our furry kids go with us. They are
seasoned travelers and are really unhappy when we take trips
that they are unable to go on. When we have to leave Annie
and Bo they stay with their Vet at the " Dog Gone Hotel and
Cat House " in Athens, AL. It is a very good kennel with
heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

On the occasions that Annie and Bo travel with us we stop
every couple of hours for rest stops and exercise. They
enjoy visiting with the grandchildren and get to go hiking
and swimming with them. Annie isn't much for socializing
with other people but Bo, a yellow lab mix, loves the
children and all of the attention he can get.

Grandma Cherry

Of course my dog goes on vacation with me. It's as much a
vacation for her as it is for myself. I completely plan
things that include her so we can have some much needed time
together - camping, hiking, etc. and I never go to places
that do not accept pets. Getting away from it all with her
is the best vacations I've had. We live in the city so
trees, trails and water are all we need to have a great



We leave our 16 year old Maltese [puppy] by the name of
Smooch. at home. He is much happier at home [blind and
deaf.] Our daughter lives next door but leaves him in our
house because he's familiar with it and can get around fine.

We took him when he was younger and he behaved great. Drew a
lot of attention. The Vet says he's in very good physical

Charleen and Dick Pierce


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all. I really like my new food and so does my sister,
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Your new friends,
Toby and Maggie Pyles

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