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Shubunkin, also called the speckled, harlequin, calico
or coronation fish.


A Shubunkin Goldfish is a type of single-tail goldfish with orange,
white, black, red, and blue markings, blue being the most desired.

Their body shape is like that of the common comet goldfish, Carassius
auratus, of which they are a subspecies. Also called speckled goldfish,
harlequin goldfish, calico goldfish, and coronation fish, they
were developed in Japan about a hundred years ago by crossing
calico fantails with comet goldfish to produce a hardy, able
swimmer with bright colors.

Picture of Nemo our Shubunkin Goldfish

There are two main types of shubunkin, the Bristol, which has a
very large tail with rounded lobes, and the London, which has a
normal comet goldfish tail. They are a bit smaller than common
comets, growing up to about 15 cm long. Like other goldfish, they
are social, omnivorous, and cold-water.

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