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Sphinx Cats

must have High Quality,

High Protein Food

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Love your Sphinx Kitty? Make sure it has the Right Diet!
Dr. Jane Bicks

A fabulous, fragile feline, virtually hairless, the Sphinx
needs special care and clothing (it should wear a sweater or
T-shirt at all times, except in the tropics) and requires a
truly dedicated owner who will not only protect it from the
cold but also provide it with absolutely optimal nutrition.

Garlic will help keep its immune system healthy
throughout the winter months.

Because of this cat's extra high metabolism, 
obesity isn't a problem, but supplying adequate
nutrition is.

An alternative high quality premium cat food diet,

plus antioxidants and bee pollen are a must.

A raw egg yolk (no uncooked whites) can be added
to meals two or three times a week.

Shampoo wipes are useful to clean the accumulated
saliva, which can make the coat sticky.

Discover the Finest Alternative Diet for Sphinx Cats

How to Help with Hairballs in Sphinx Cats

The Hairless Sphynx

The Sphynx cat breed began in 1966 when a bald cat was born
at a breeder in Roncesvalles, Toronto. The cat was named
Prune, and by back-cross breeding with the mother cat,
another naked kitten was produced. Prune and this kitten,
along with a few other naked kittens born later, became the
progenitors of the Sphynx cat breed.

At first breeders of the Sphynx cat breed faced many
difficulties. For instance, the genetic pool was very small
and information about the genetics of the Sphynx was limited
to a few vague ideas. Many Sphynx kittens died due to a lack
of understanding about the breed and its genetics, but later
a new infusion of genetic material from a naked male cat
named Epidermis that was born in 1975 helped strengthen the

Originally the Devon Rex was used as a breed cross for the
Sphynx, but this was later frowned on because of the health
problems associated with this cross. Today the Canadian
Sphynx has a sound genetic pool and is a stable breed.

The Feline Associations around the world do allow
out crossing if the guidelines are followed for such
breedings. These guidelines are set down in the standards
for the breed.

The Sphynx has a heavy, sturdy body with a wedge shaped
head. The standard requires that they have a full round
abdomen, also called a pot belly. The skin of a Sphynx
carries the same coloring as if it had fur, complete with
markings if it has any. Eyebrows and whiskers can be present
as either broken, whole or completely absent.

Unlike what most people think, the Sphynx is not usually
actually hairless, it can be covered with very short fine
hair that resembles peach fuzz. The skin texture has been
compared to chamois leather.

Because they lack hair they often cuddle up against other
animals and humans in order to stay warm. Sphynx cat
sometimes want to sleep under the covers in bed with their
humans. These cats often feel warm to the touch because the
cat's natural body temperature is higher than a human's, and
due to the lack of a fur coat its skin warmth is more easily

The Sphynx is known for its extroverted behavior. They are
affectionate, curious, intelligent and highly energetic
towards their owners.

These cats should be kept indoors because they have a
tendency to sunburn and get skin damage just like humans do
from too much sun, and they get cold or overheated very

Sphynx cats are often thought to be hypoallergenic because
they don't have any hair, but in fact some allergy sufferers
may suffer more from coming into contact with this
particular breed. People who are allergic to Fel d1, a
sticky protein found in cat saliva in particular, may have a
worse time with this cat. However, there are just as many
reports from allergy sufferers who have no problem around
this breed.

The Sphynx cat, according to the Cat Fanciers Society, is
robust and healthy. They do have some health issues that are
associated with grooming. The Sphynx isn't maintenance free
just because it has no coat. Regular baths are needed
because the oil from the skin tends to build up rather than
being absorbed by fur as with other cats. But ordinarily one
bath a week is fine.

And they need to have their ears cleaned regularly to
prevent excessive ear wax buildup. They also often have a
waxy buildup around their nails that needs to be cleaned
regularly. The lack of hair seems to be the main cause of
all the buildup. Also because they lack hair the kittens are
more prone to respiratory infection during the first two
weeks of life. Breeders have been known to hold kittens for
twelve weeks in order to insure they are strong enough and
healthy enough to withstand an environment change.

There also have been some instances of a genetic disorder
known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in this breed. Studies
are underway in order to understand why this is happening in
the breed in hopes of eventually breeding out the tendency.

Here are some famous Sphynx cats:

Grandma Wrinkles, Dina Manzo's cat from "The Real Housewives
of New Jersey" Harpo from "Harpo and his Friends" Lady Gaga,
'Bad Romance' music video; the man who buys Gaga is holding
a Sphynx cat while she dances. Ludwig, Kat Von D's cat from
"L.A. Ink" Monty, Gustavo's pet cat from "Big Time Rush" Mr.
Bigglesworth Mr. Kat from "Kid vs. Kat" Mrs. Whiskerson,
Rachel Green's Sphinx Cat in the episode "The One with the
Ball" Rachel's cat from "Friends" the sitcom. The title
character from "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" is
a Sphynx, although in a flashback it is revealed that the
character was once a long-haired cat until an accident at a
cosmetics factory.

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