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About the Angora Cat
By: Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty

The Angora is probably one of the most affectionate and
social of all of the cat breeds. The Turkish Angora is
considered to be a national treasure in their native
country. The Angora cat has a fascinating history and is
known for its beauty and rarity.

Angoras are very intelligent, loving, playful and adaptable.
They are great around children because of these traits. They
are also well suited to being a companion to the elderly for
these selfsame reasons. They are friendly to other species
including dogs but tend to be the leader of the pets in the
household because of their assertive natures.

The Angora is a graceful, elegant, fine-boned creature that
will eagerly greet visitors and make them feel welcome. It
isn't unusual for them to spread their affections around to
your invited guests and they will often play host when you
have a gathering or party. Because of this they are
considered to be dog-like in their attentions.

The Angora has a silky, soft coat that requires little groom
and doesn't usually mat. The breeders of the Turkish Angora
recommend that you use a slicker brush or fine-toothed comb
to brush through their coats twice a week to remove excess
hair and dust. They do shed a little in the summer and more
frequent grooming is recommended to prevent hairballs.

This breed of cat originated in the mountains of Turkey.
That is why they have a medium long coat that is thick and
soft to protect against the cold harsh climate. It is
suspected that this cat evolved from the Manul cat, a small
domesticated feline kept by the Tartars. This particular
breed can trace its origins back to Sixteenth Century

This breed was used in the Persian breeding program and
almost disappeared as a result. In fact they lost their
identity as well during the time because all longhaired cats
became known as Angoras. Thankfully the breed line was
preserved in Turkey and reintroduced in the United States in
the 1950's by American servicemen. Now every Turkish Angora
must be able to trace its origins back to Turkey to be
registered at the CFA.

The Turkish Angora can come in any color except those that
denote hybridization like lavender, pointed pattern or
chocolate. The Turkish Angora can come in colors of solid,
shaded, smoke, tabby, bi-color and parti-color patterns.
Breeders usually sell kittens of the Turkish Angora breed
line at twelve to sixteen weeks of age. They should have
basic immunizations, health check up and be socialized.
Pricing varies due to breeding, awards and coloring.

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