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Sleek, Graceful and very fast - the Gazelle

Gazelles are members of the Bovidae family which also includes
many of our other stuffed animals. You will simply Love these
Stuffed Gazelles.You can find out more about some of these on
our stuffed cow, stuffed buffalo, stuffed bison,
stuffed antelope, stuffed sheep, stuffed big horn sheep,
stuffed water buck and stuffed wildebeest pages.

There are 121 members of the Bovidae family that are
grazers or browsers.

Thomson's gazelle is the fastes running of the gazelle species,
they can run faster than cheetahs and wild dogs. See more
on our stuffed cheetah page. Other unique characteristics
of Thomson's gazelle is that they can eat grasses that have
been grazed close to the ground by other animals and they
have the ability to birth two calves in one year. The
first calf is born in January and the second in July.

Thomson's gazelle also "stotts" or "pronks" which means
they leap stiff legged, high and repeatedly as if they
were bouncing.

Thomson's gazelle are not large animals only growing in
size to that of about the white tailed deer. Grant's gazelle
grows much larger and has much larger horns, both Thomson's
and Grant's gazelle hardly ever drink water. Grant's
gazelle are browsers while Thompson's gazelle are grazers.

Most species of gazelle live from 12 to 15 years. The Thomson's
gazelle lives in a small area from Tanzania to Kenya. Grant's
gazelle has a larger area around that. The Dorcas Gazelle
lives mainly in the northern parts of Africa across to
the Middle East and northern India.

Gerenuks are also called giraffe gazelles because they can
curve their spines so they are able to stand straight up
and eat browse from high branches. Find out more about
Gerenuks and other antelopes on our stuffed antelope page.

Totally amazing
plush stuffed Gazelle toy animals

Plush Stuffed Gazelles

You will Cherish having around - a real keepsake!

Our stuffed Gazelle make
very affordable and quaint gifts
for children, and for all animal lovers.

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