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Water Bucks

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Trendsetting Water Buck Toy Animals

Very soft and cuddly are these stuffed plush water bucks
which look just like they have come right out of the wilds
of Africa into your home for some Fun entertainment.

This cool stuffed Water Buck toy animal will make
a perfect present for any child or wildlife lover

Stuffed Plush Water Buck
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Water bucks are adapted for living around water and
since they look like deer (bucks) are called water bucks.
You can find some cool stuff about deer on our
stuffed deer page.

Water bucks are unique to deer in their hooves. Deer have
hooves close together, while water bucks have splayed hooves
or hooves that are pointed outwards. This enables them to
be good swimmers. Deep water is a refuge for them from

Many animals prey on water bucks including lions, leopards,
hyenas and wild dogs. Find out more about these animals
at our stuffed lion page, stuffed leopard page, and
stuffed hyena page.

One of the main things that threaten the water bucks
survival is the building of hydroelectric dams which
take away their seasonal floodplain habitat.

Because of their splayed hooves, they have a rather
unusual bounding type of gallop that works very well
when running on wet ground and in shallow waters.

Water bucks are also called Lechwe. Lechwe feed on grasses
that grow in flooded meadows bordering rivers and lakes.
Water bucks feed near the water in the mornings and
then take things easy relaxing during the rest of the day.

Water bucks are sedentary and territorial animals.
They weigh about 175 to 225 pounds, live for up to
15 years and are about 40 inches high at the shoulders.
They are members of the antelope family. See our
Stuffed antelope page.

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