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Plush toy

Blue Whales

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Comical, Amusing and So Precious.......
Stuffed Plush Blue Whales

Larger than any other mammal the Blue Whale
is a Majestic animal which is depicted in our
Stuffed Plush Blue Whales that are Simply Gorgeous

These Blue Whales are FUN, FUN, FUN!

Stuffed Plush Blue Whales,
two sizes to choose from 17 & 24 inches

What an Amazing gift item these Fabulous stuffed
Blue Whale toy animals will make for any person
and the kids will just go bonkers over them.

Amusing and Entertaining- a real Knockout!

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Pamper yourself today and get
a Stuffed Plush Blue Whale or two!

Blue Whales are considered the biggest mammal on the
planet. Blue whale calves are huge when born, measuring
up to 23 feet long and can weigh up to two and 1/2 tons.

Blue whales when adults can be as long as 110 feet,
about 1/3 the length of a football field and weigh
200 tons about as much as a diesel locomotive!

In contrast, the largest known dinosaur was the
Argentinosaurus, which is estimated to have weighed
up to 100 tons, about half the weight of a full grown
Blue Whale.

Not only are blue whales the largest mammal, they also
make sounds like grunts, hums and moans which are
the loudest sounds of any creature, over 180 decibels.

The Blue Whale was almost hunted to extinction despite
the International Whaling Commission (see our
whale calendar page for more info.) In 1966 the
Commission put a stop to hunting the Blue Whale
which has enabled the Blue Whale to survive and
to grow immensely in numbers.

While the Blue Whale has no natural predators,
now that whaling is banned, they die most often
of old age, and wounds from encounters with
large ocean going vessels. For more info about whales,
see our stuffed whale page along with some really
cute stuffed plush whales

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