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Boa Constrictors

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Stuffed Pythons, Green Anacondas and Boa
Constrictors, we have for you all of these
snakes of the Boa family.

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Boa Constrictor snakes are known for their colorful
and iridescent skin which despite the bright coloring,
helps the boa constrictor to be camouflaged and
hide during the day.

One of the most brightly colored boa constrictors is
the Brazilian Rainbow Boa. They have a very bright
orange, yellow and black pattern which makes the
snake almost impossible to see when sunlight hits
the leaves and grasses where the Brazilian Rainbow
Boa lives.

Pythons (see stuffed pythons) and boas are deaf.
However, they have an excellent sense of hearing
through their tongues. A snake's tongue is actually
three sense organs all balled up into one.
Their tongue can hear (actually feel vibrations),
smell and touch.

When boa constrictors age to maturity they sometimes
get together will all the other boa's around town
and cluster together when mating season rolls around.
Other snakes sometimes do this to stay warm.

Boa constrictors are found in the America's, Africa,
Asia and some Pacific islands. Pythons and
Anacondas (see stuffed anaconda snakes) are close
relatives as they are all members of the snake
group that constrict, or wrap themselves around
their prey.

When a boa or other constrictor finds it's dinner,
it will wrap one or two coils around the animal.
Then when the animal exhales and thus gets smaller,
the boa constrictor will tighten it's grip, thus
eventually suffocating the prey or because it's
heart can no longer pump blood.

Boa constrictors don't lay eggs, their young is
born alive, whereas pythons lay eggs.

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