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A really Long and lifelike
Plush Stuffed Python Snake

As Stuffed Snakes go, there's not many stuffed

snakes that come with real hissing sound and that

are a whopping 54 inches long like these Plush Pythons.

Stuffed plush python toy snake
54 inches long with real Hissing sound!

Remember: these plush stuffed Python Snakes
are only a toy stuffed animal.....they are not real
despite what you may think about them......

This stuffed Python Snake thinks it's
world famous because of it's supreme
charm and good looks. Don't disappoint him
by not buying one!

Just great to keep the kids entertained for hours!

Stuffed plush python snake
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Boa Constrictors and Pythons are giant snakes which
have earned them that name because they are snakes
which can reach lengths of over 20 feet.

Just how long is the world's longest snake?

Well that depends.

The Guinness Book of World Records list the longest
snake ever captured at 33 feet long. It was a
reticulated python.

On the site there is a story about a village
in Indonesia which captured a reticulated python that
is a couple of inches longer than 49 feet and weighs
almost 990 pounds.

World's Longest Snake?

Some people believe that the anaconda snakes grow
to be the longest. See our stuffed anaconda page
for more cool stuff about anaconda snakes and
our stuffed snake page for slithery stuff about snakes in general

Guinness also listed the world's heaviest snake to
be a Burmese Python weighing at 402 pounds.

In Indonesia there are a huge number of python farms.
Estimates are that there are 15 pythons in that country
for every human. The skin of a python is highly desired
for making snake skin cowboy boots and purses.

Boa constrictors, see (stuffed boa constrictor) and pythons
have some lizard like qualities. They have two lungs
and they have traces of hind legs. These are short
bone spurs near the end of the tail. Male pythons use
these spurs to scratch the back of the female python
while mating.

The python reticulatus goes under three common names:
the reticulated python, the regal python, and the
Asiatic reticulated python.

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