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Looking for a Unique Stuffed Animal?

You've got to check out these Magnificent

Stuffed Plush Green Anaconda Snakes

complete with real hissing sounds!

Stuffed plush Anaconda snake
54 inches long and you'll laugh your rear off with it's hiss.

Have you ever seen such an Exciting and Endearing

plush stuffed Green Anaconda Snake?

Amusing and Fun Filled
for hours of Enjoyable Pleasure
the ideal gift item for someone who has everything!

This Plush Anaconda Snake is crowded with

Entertainment and Fun!

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The green anaconda snake is the most powerful of
all the large snakes using it's exceptional
power as it coils around it's captured dinner.
Boas and pythons are constricting snakes

The Anaconda is the world's largest snake with
recordings of up to almost 25 feet in length and
weighing almost 300 pounds. It's relative the
python does not grow quite as large. See our
slithery stuffed pythons for more info about pythons
and out stuffed boa constrictors.

Believe it or not, anacondas hunt larger animals
like deer, the capybara and caimans. Eating a large
meal like this can sustain the snake for weeks
and even months without it needing to eat again.
See our stuffed deer

Anacondas are found in the rainforests and swamp areas
on Trinidad and most of tropical South America
east of the Andes Mountains.

There are 4 types of anaconda snakes in it's species.
Green Anaconda snakes are part of the Boa family of

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Page was an Original Idea By: Tippy & Alfred who someday want to go to
the Amazons and see if they can find an Anaconda Snake. What they
would do with one when they saw it they haven't figured out yet,
so they ordered a stuffed Anaconda Snake to play with in the meantime. And,
they suggest that you get a stuffed Anaconda Snake for your pets too.
Now, it's time for their naps.....