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The Colorpoint Persian Breed of Cat
By: Alfred

The Colorpoint Persian is also known in America as the
Himalayan and is a color variation under the Persian
breed. In order to create this particular color
variation the Persian was crossed with a Siamese.
Breeders of the Colorpoint Persian spent years
perfecting the variation into the standard that it is today.

It took a long time for the Colorpoint Persian to be
accepted as a CFA standard because in the beginning it
was hard to get the Colorpoint Persian to reflect the
standards of the Persian breed.

That is why if you research the Colorpoint Persian you
will often see a variety referred to as "Traditional
Doll Face Himalayan". This name was given to the breed
when the breed didn't meet the CFA standard for
Persian. Some people prefer this version over the
standardized Colorpoint Persian that is accepted by the CFA.

Some people prefer this version because they think the
cats are cuter or because they consider the snub nose
of the Persian to be unhealthy. The Doll Face
Colorpoint Persian is popular but will never be able be
able to win championships or shows. This makes this
variation less popular. Other than the face the cat
should meet all of the other Persian standards.

If you plan to breed a Colorpoint Persian for show cats
you should get the Persian extreme face that has a
pushed in or snub nose.

Whether you get a Doll face or an Extreme Persian face
Colorpoint Persian it will still require frequent
grooming. This particular variation of the Persian does
seem to have hair that is easier to care for, but daily
grooming sessions and eye washing will be needed.

A bath is recommended every month along with any other
grooming like nail clipping. This is a long-haired cat
and although the appearance is lovely it does require
work to maintain that appearance.

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