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Long Haired Cats

Long haired cats have hair that is long all over the
cat's body. Often the long hair has an overcoat and an
undercoat. The undercoat is thick, downy and fine. The
overcoat is coarser and longer than the undercoat.

Long haired cats can come in any color or breed if
breeding pattern isn't held. Cats that have long hair
often come from colder climates where the longer hair
is necessary for warmth and protection.

But long haired cats have a very hard time keeping
themselves clean. Often a long haired cat will have
trouble with tangles, matting and furballs. In most
cases a long haired cat must be regularly groomed by
its owner in order to remain tangle free, clean and
dematted. Grooming a long haired cat also frees loose
hair and keeps it from winding up on furniture, and
keeps the hair shiny and healthy.

Depending upon the breed that you get the personality
of a long hair cat will vary.

Here is a list of registered cat breeds that have long hair:

- American Curl (CFA)
- Balinese (CFA)
- Birman (CFA)
- Exotic (CFA)
- Javanese (CFA)
- Maine Coon (CFA)
- Norwegian Forest Cat (CFA)
- Persian (CFA)
- Ragdoll (CFA)
- Selkirk Rex (CFA)
- Somali (CFA)
- Turkish Angora (CFA)
- Turkish Van (CFA)

The gene for a cat with long hair is a recessive trait.
This makes the appearance of long hair on a mixed breed
cat rare. The first long haired cat breeds were the
Angora and the Persian.

There are cats that have coats that are half way
between a long hair cat and a short hair cat and are
called semi-longhairs or intermediates. These cats are
easier to groom and care for than the Persians and

For some long haired cat breeds it is necessary that
they have their coats combed and brushed out every day,
otherwise their hair tangles and mats. Others require
less attention but on average most long haired cats
need their hair combed and brushed out at least once a

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