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A Dandy Crab -

one of a plush

stuffed kind!

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We bet you never thought that a Crab could be found
that was so Adorably Cute and Amazing to look at as these
Handsome and Soft Stuffed Plush Crabs are!

Stuffed plush Crabs that look so cute
and be a good friend to you.

Louie is looking up at you saying,
"You're the only one for me!!!"

11 inches long "Louie" stuffed plush Crab toy animal

Have a ton of fun with Louie the stuffed plush crab
he will quickly become a conversation piece in your home! 

These delightful stuffed Crabs will make
a comical and relaxing gift for that special person in your life.....

Some interesting stuff about Crabs:

Many people keep land hermit crabs as pets. They are also known
as the Caribbean Hermit Crab or the Tree-Climbing Hermit Crab.

But today we are going to talk a bit about the North
American Horseshoe Crab. The crab's ancestors were around
some 300 million years ago which is why crabs are
sometimes called living fossils.

Horseshoe crabs are so named because they are in the shape
of a horse's shoe. They have a shell that has jointed sections.
There are ten legs which are used for locomotion, for
grabbing prey, burrowing, and the hind legs are also used
for cleaning the gills on the crab.

Crabs had what is called book gills which are five pairs of
gill like structures behind the legs which enable the
crab to extract oxygen from water.

The horseshoe crab has a long tail which is also called
it's telson and is used to aid movement and to right
itself if the crab should be turned over. The tail is
stiff and hard and sharp, but the crab doesn't use it as
a weapon.

Horseshoe crabs are related to water scorpions and if
you'd like to find out more about scorpions see our
stuffed scorpion page or about keeping scorpions as
pets then see our invertebrate page

Horseshoe crabs are located in shallow coastal waters
along the eastern coast of North America from Nova
Scotia southward to Yucatan Mexico.

Horseshoe crabs can life up to 19 years, eat a diet of
worms, mollusks, shellfish, algae and carrion. They can
grow to 24 inches in length. One amazing fact about
horseshoe crabs is that when the mom crab lays eggs,
she can lay anywhere from 2,000 up to 30,000 eggs at
one time!

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