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How Neat is it....
Snappy and Snazzy Plush Scorpions

When you get one of these Adorable Stuffed Plush Scorpions
you will get stung by their charm and sweetness,
the more you see them the more you will find yourself
falling in love with these Plush Stuffed Scorpions
that are so Soft and made from the finest materials.

Here's a real knockout - Scorpions
stuffed to the stingers with Fun and Pleasure!

Have some real fun and entertainment
with these stuffed scorpion toy animals today
Choose the Banner to get your Stuffed Scorpion

Amazing Stuff about Scorpions

Scorpions are members of the arachnid group of animals.
Arachnid's bodies are divided into two sections, the head
and thorax are joined to the abdomen, thus they have two
main body segments.

Arachnids include spiders, scorpions and harvestmen
along with ticks and mites. You can find out more about
spiders on our stuffed spider page. And many people
keep scorpions as pets which you can find out about
on our invertebrates as pets page.

Scorpions include: scorpions, scorpionids, pseudoscorpions,
wind scorpions, and whip scorpions. Scorpions are found
all around the world. There are about 1400 species of
scorpions in 9 families.

The world's largest scorpion is a member of the scorpionid family
that resides in the forests of central and west Africa.
This scorpion can be up to 8 1/2 inches long. You
might be surprised but usually the larger the scorpion,
the less menacing they are.

Scorpions hunt by using the stingers in their tails which
stun or paralyze their prey. But, they use their tails for
defense more often.

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