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Stuffed Plush

Koala Bears

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The stuffed plush Koala Bears that we offer to you
are without a doubt one of the warmest and fuzziest of all
the collection of stuffed animals we have seen.
You will Absolutely Cherish these Plush Stuffed Koala Bears.

Marvelously attractive,
sweet as hot baked cherry pie .....

plush stuffed Koala Bears.

Our stuffed Koala Bears
are saying to you, it's high time you added
some real spice to your life,
and they believe they are just the ones to do it!

These Charming and Lovely stuffed Koala Bears are
perfect presents for that special person in your life.....
for children, and for all animal lovers everywhere.

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stuffed plush Koala Bear

You won't be able to stop touching them - they are that Adorable!

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Koala Bears live almost their entire life in eucalyptus trees.
They eat the leaves for about 4 hours at night time and live
the rest of their time napping perched in a fork in
the branches of the tree.

On occasion the koala bear will come down out of the tree
to eat some bark or even gravel and soil to help promote
it's digestion, and then find another tree to climb up in.

Koala bears have short, powerful arms with sharp claws which
enable them to be such good climbers and to hang on to
the eucalyptus tree limbs and branches.

A koala bear is not really a bear. Koalas do have a face
that is very similar to some some bears, but koalas are
in fact marsupials. Bears are carnivores while koalas
are vegetarians. Female koala bears have pouches in which
they carry their young around in like the kangaroo.

Koala bears are actually more closely related to kangaroos,
opossums and bandicoots than they are to the real bear family.
See stuffed bears.

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