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Musk Ox prefer the frigid climates of the Artic Region

Musk ox are found in northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland,
Sweden, Norway and Siberia, anywhere that it's cold. Their
waterproof coat with it's long, shaggy outer hairs and
it's dense fine undercoat provides excellent insulation
and frost protection for the musk ox. They live further
north than any other hoofed animal except reindeer.

They do huddle together in herds to give them added heat
and for defense if needed. Musk ox that live in the
mountains usually flee to higher ground if needed from
predators, but those that live on the tundra must form
groups to act as defense against their main predator
the wolf and polar bears. They will gather in a circle
like the wagon trains of the old west when fighting off
Indians. Then if the predators get too close, larger
members of the herd will charge out hoping to frighten
off the predators. Find out more about wolves on
our stuffed wolf page and our stuffed polar bear page.

Musk ox can weigh almost 900 pounds, are 6 to 7 feet in
length and live up to 24 years.

They feed on grass in summer and on leaves and browse
in the winter.

Musk ox are so named after the strong odor the male emits
when in rut.

Musk ox became almost extinct as humans hunted them, but
conservation programs have allowed the musk ox to recover.
Musk ox breed from July to August and have a calf every two years.

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