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Plush Polar Bears

Stuffed with

Entertaining Fun

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Without a doubt, this is the Sweetest
Plush Stuffed Polar Bear with the most Adorable
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Starring the most enchanting plush stuffed Polar Bears,
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willing and able to keep you Entertained for hours on end.

Filled with real Class and Style,
these stuffed Polar Bears will make
totally Awesome gifts for that special person in your life.....
for children, and for all animal lovers everywhere.

More fun than a trip to the circus!

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Polar Bears & Animal Calendars

Some "Cool" Information about Polar Bears

Polar bears and brown bears are the largest members of
the bear family. They are also the largest land based

Male polar bears weigh about twice what the female
polar bears do. They can weigh up to 1500 pounds.
Polar bears are fast runners and can move on land
and ice packs at speeds up to 34 miles an hour.

Polar bears live as their name suggests, in the polar
region of the world from northern Canada towards the
North Pole.

Polar bears are powerful swimmers often getting their
food from sea life and specially seals and sometimes
walruses. See our stuffed seal page and stuffed walrus
page for more neat stuff about seals and walruses.

Polar bears are expert hunters because of their
keen eyesight and excellent sense of smell. When a
Polar bear is hungry enough, it will even attack
a man.

Polar bear moms spend their winter in their den as
their cubs are developing inside the momma. She will
travel inland and find a snow bank, then dig out a
den in the deep snow. She will give birth to two cubs
in the den from November to January. She will keep
the cubs with her for up to 3 years before letting them
go out on their own.

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