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Okapis - almost a zebra but really a giraffe.

Okapis are in the family Giraffidae and the only animal in
it's genera. Okapis are much smaller than giraffes about the
size of a zebra and having the zebra stripes on it's legs,
but not on it's body. But the face of the giraffe and okapi
are very similar. Both are taller at the shoulders than
the rear, both are browsers and have long tongues. The male
okapi even has stumpy horns life the giraffe. You can
find out more about giraffes on our stuffed giraffe page.

Unlike giraffes, the female okapi is larger than the male,
but not by much. Okapis can grow to 7 1/2 feet long and
weigh up to 770 pounds where as a zebra can grow from 8 to
9 feet long and weigh from 800 to 950 pounds. Find out
more about zebras on our stuffed zebra page.

Okapis are a velvety dark brown to chocolate coat coloring
with white stripes on the legs, the legs are white below the

A unique thing about okapis is that they have glands in
the bottom of their hooves which secrete a scent to mark
the okapi's territory.

Okapis are only found in the rainforests of the Democratic
Republic of Congo (Zaire).

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