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Stuffed Giraffes

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These are the Award Winning Stuffed Plush Giraffes
that you will find to be Absolutely Endearing
with their Friendly Smile and Sweet as a Rose personality.

Plush Stuffed Giraffe toy animals

you will have an easy time to fall in Love with

Sweeter than a honeymoon to Niagara Falls
- plush stuffed Giraffes -
are ready to provide your home and children
with days of delightful entertainment - so much
better for kids than to have them sit in front of the
television playing video games.

These fabulously cute stuffed Giraffes are totally
awesome gifts for someone dear to your heart.....

Stuffed Plush Giraffes - full of Charisma and Charm!
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Incredible Giraffe Calendars

The Tallest of the land living animals is the Giraffe

We find giraffes in live in most all of Africa from the
north central parts to the southern tip. And of course
giraffes are in zoos all over the world.

Giraffes are colorful animals and a favorite of most folks
when visiting a zoo. Each giraffe's coat markings are unique
and there is a wide variation among giraffes. While all
giraffes are tall and almost all the same size, the markings
among giraffe species are all different.

There are 9 different subspecies of giraffe, the only other
member of the family Giraffidae is the okapi which you
can find out about on our stuffed okapi page.

Male giraffes can reach up to 18 feet in height. They can
also run fairly fast for such a large animal, up to 30
miles an hour. A giraffe's front legs are longer than their
back legs and very powerful, giraffes have been known
to kill a lion with their kick. See more about lions on
our stuffed lion page. Female giraffes grow to about 14 to 15
feet high. A full grown male can weigh just a little over
a ton.

Having very long legs creates a couple of problems for the
giraffe. One, they have difficulty getting low enough to
drink water and must splay their legs to do so. Normally
the heart must pump blood to the giraffe's brain when standing
up under high pressure to get it that high. When the giraffe
bends over a series of one way valves regulates the pressure
thus lowering it to prevent the high blood pressure from
destroying blood vessels in the giraffe's head.

The second problem with having long legs is the giraffe's
ability to lay down. It can do it but takes a long time for
the giraffe to get back up, thus giving time for it's main
predators, lions, leopards and hyenas to attack it. Find out
more about these on our stuffed lion page, stuffed leopard
page and stuffed hyena page.

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