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The Parakeet

There isn't a single bird species that is identified as the
parakeet; rather, parakeet is a term for a large number of
small to medium sized parrots that are unrelated. In general
parakeets are small for a parrot, have feathers and a long
tail, and that is where the similarity ends.

The Budgerigar or Budgie is called a parakeet. They are from
Australia but are popular pet birds all over the world. In
the United States the term parakeet is used almost
exclusively in reference to the Budgerigar.

The Grass Parakeet or Grasskeet is the common name of a
large number of small Australian parakeets that are native
to grasslands. An example would be the Neophema, the
Princess Parrot and the Rosellas.

The Ringneck Parakeet is of African and Asian species
Psittacula genus. One of the largest parrots that is
commonly referred to as a parakeet is the Alexandrine

Conure is a term used by aviculturists that is a more
precise description for a small to medium sized parrots of
the genera Aratinga, Pyrrhura and a few other genera of the
Arini. They are mainly from the South American continent.
Taxonomists tend to dislike this term because the Conure are
not all from one genus.

Parakeets from South America include Brotogeris parakeets,
Monk Parakeets and Lineolated Parakeets.

Some of the larger parakeets are commonly referred to as
both a parakeet and a parrot. For instance the Alexandrine
Parrot and the Alexandrine Parakeet are the same species. An
orthography from years ago will still sometimes call it a

The long tailed smaller species of Lories are sometimes
referred to as Lorikeets. See the Stuffed Lorikeet shown below.

Many kinds of parakeets are known to whistle, sing and mimic
their owner's words or sounds.

Ickenham, England and St. Petersburg, Florida, USA are both
locally known for their population of escaped parakeets that
have gone feral in that region.

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